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Rehearsal & Performance Schedule
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Friday, November 4 : First Rehearsal, 4-7pm
**All Students Must Attend First Rehearsal**

Friday, November 11 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm

Friday, November 18 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm

Friday, December 2 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm
**Tickets and Flyers Distributed**

Friday, December 9 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm

Friday, December 16 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm

Friday, December 23 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm

Friday, December 30 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm

Friday, January 20 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm
**1/2 of Ticket Money Due**

Friday, January 27 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm

Friday, February 3 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm

Friday, February 10 : Rehearsal, 4-7pm
**Balance of Ticket Money Due**

Thursday, February 16 : Final Rehearsal, 5-8pm
**Students Must Not Miss This Rehearsal**

Friday, February 17 : Show, 8pm @ Moose Lodge
Saturday, February 18 : Show, 8pm @ Moose Lodge
**Students Must Arrive by 5pm both nights**

*Students may not miss more than one rehearsal and should not miss any.

*Students should be at the rehearsal and ready to play at the indicated time.

*Students should make every effort to see the other shows this season.


Led Zeppelin, January 6 & 7, 8pm @ Moose Lodge
Rolling Stones, January 13 & 14, 8pm @ Moose Lodge





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