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Da Glad Bags


When I play in a Wordox Teams Tournament, I become Da Glad Bag #1
and my partner, usually Lostinthought, becomes Da Glad Bag #2.
I don't know how I talked her into that
but it's better than me wearing a halter top. < SQUAWK! >

Sassy Beach sent us da bag graphics
and Lost animated them.

On my Birthday, Lost surprised me with some virtual gifts
I put them here to show you
how warped she really is. :)

This is Amy is my cat.
Lost put Amy in da globe.
Think I should call the ASPCA?

Ever has a cookie on a stick? *lol*

What about beer in a mug? *lmao*


She knew how much I like Chinese food too.

Unfortunately, she couldn't find egg rolls! < SQUAWK! >

This was not a Birthday Gift,
but I thought I would further prove my case on Lost.
It seldom snows in the South, but when it did last winter
She made a Snow Bunny Bag. OMG!