1 The Paragon A FRANCE

2 Paragon B Egypt

3 Lists: Presidents and Queens, First Borns and States, Declarations of War WWII


I Prolegomenon

II Paragon France

1-Three Revolutions and 4 Wars against Christian’s France Page 5

2-Four Apocalyptic Horses after 1789 Page 33-40-43-48

3- A French King in Cuba-The US Maine and Revolution in 1959 P 50

4- A Russian Jew Revolution, 1917 Pg 53,

5-Trust Funds and Gold Pg 59

6-US Internal Direct Investment Pg 61

7- The Sixth-Trumpet War Pg 61

III Paragon Egypt

1-Egypt Origin-Wars vs. Egypt- A Final revolution in 1322 Page 64

2-Four Wars & One Jew Revolt in Egypt after 1322 BC Pg 75-77

3-Revolution against Gaius Julius Caesar page 81

4-Revolution against Jesus-Exegesis 30 AD page 83


1-Correspondence between French Queens and US Presidents page 93

2- Dedication of States to 268 Firstborn since Narmer pg 96

3-Redemption of the 206 Declarations of World War II pg 103


There is a Paragon I here expose between the histories of the Kingdoms of Egypt and France and between what happened to the successors of both kingdoms after the Jew revolutions that dethroned them. It is very important information that justifies the writing of a new book because it affects the outcome of the nuclear war that menaces the world today.

The firstborn of the King of Egypt after they killed Tutankhamon in 1322 BC became Moses followed by Anchises of Troy also descendant of a kidnapped baby of Thuthmoses IV. The last King Aeneas in Lazio [Modern Italy], Numitor, went exile to Argos after a Jacobin revolution and begot the Macedonian dynasty in Argos [see Diodorus Siculo]. When Cassandra murdered the last Macedonian children Alexander 4 and King Heracles 2, again the Julian-s got the primogeniture of the King of Egypt with a cadet branch of the Aeneas in Sicily and the Italian peninsula. The last Julian was Jesus, the son of God; which means Caesarion who was deified by the Egyptians. After Jesus death another Julian, Julian Aquino, escaped the Jacobin Genocide of Julian-s and hid where his family used to rule, in Crimea. Then they moved to what now is Romania where they begot the German kings and the Kings of France that reigned in Paris until 1789. This dynasty began in what is today Galatia in modern Romania.

Two stages are yet to come in the Paragon between the Kings of Egypt and France and their successors in exile. The first of the two stages to come is Julius Caesar military expansion. It is impossible that will happen again because the murder of Caesar in the Senate impedes that there will be another Cornelia [his wife]. Alternatively, there could be the war of the six trumpets of the apocalypse with over 5 billion casualties on the anti Christian side. This can only happen if the banking aristocracy threatened by Russia’s nuclear weapons, ends the republican system crowning the Duke Bretagne or successor to the crown of France so that he redeems the 45 Declarations of War against the NAZI in World War II [WWII.] There were 206 Declarations of War in World War II and all of them must be redeem. The idiot of Solomon Truman gave the place of birth or seat of power of the last successor to the French crown, Cuba, to the communist mafia who wants to cash on this mistake. They want a declaration or act of war so they can give it to their allies for a price. If the successor to the crown of France dies without redeeming, the Russian will redeem these 45 Declarations of War and their nuclear ojives will evaporate all cities in Europe, America and elsewhere. That is why they are fanatically holding on to Cuba and Venezuela, to finance Cuba, after 60 years.

The second stage to come is the “seventh apocalyptic trumpet”. This will be an explanation by the Holy Spirit, of all the distortions in the exegesis that the Jews did to the information she gave through Mathews in Christian Pentecost year 30. Distortions that continued until the days of Anti Pope Novatian creator of Catholic Theology in 258. She will list all distortions that later the Vatican also did. She will indicate all the revisions the Jews and Christians made to what she really preached at Pentecost year 30 AD in Jerusalem The struggle between the Jews in early Christian churches and Christ-King Christians is evident in the fact that 2 of the Gospel writers ignore the trip to Egypt and a third gospel writer, Luke, lies to denied there was ever a trip to Egypt, The first Church Council of Ephesus 431 prohibits any change to the Gospels and Cannon books of Nicaea in 325. We are talking about making a law to guarantee the protection of all the alterations done to Pentecost year 30 during 300 years.

This soul, the Holy Spirit, is the second soul in a specific German female now. This is following the religion of Narmer that says paradise is when a soul is re incarnated in another human, two souls that hardly communicate with each other to one person. Where she, Eve, is born is the place where the next war starts. Twice she was from Savoy and France began the two Napoleon wars. Twice she was German and WWI and WWII began with Germans.

The Jew bankers led by their master the banker Rothschild of London [or David of France] and the usual German families who always followed them, the Top-Hat British Royals and the Jesuit fanatics, planned, financed, organized and supervised all three revolutions against France, Russia and Cuba. (See Jean Lombard Courderoy.) They financed the four apocalyptic wars or riders: Napoleon I and Napoleon III, World War I and WWII. These bankers financed the Hessian mercenaries that fought against Washington in 1780. They also incited the idiot of FD Roosevelt to invent airplane bombings of Christian women and children in Hamburg and Berlin, whose country was fighting the atheist mafia pig Stalin [Joseph Vissarionovich Dzugashvily]. US Marines bombed civilians in Ocotal Nicaragua on July 16 1927 to get Sandino out of this town and the Freemason President of Cuba Machado bombed with airplanes Gibara to get the rebels out of the town on August 17, 1931.

Fidel Castro in his Yamaha

Raul Castro in his Yamaha

When the Jews, the Jesuits and the Church of England killed the most Christian King Louis XVI in Paris, 1793, they began the prophesized period of the anti Christ and the Apocalypse. They broke the Christian covenant, no more preaching of beatitudes.

They moved the first born of the King, Lui XVII, away from France so that Napoleon I, the 1st horse or rider, could usurp the command of the French Army and redeem the declarations of war against France not redeemed yet. They assassinated Louis XVII in 1812, exiled in West Feliciana now part of Louisiana, USA. Napoleon III the 2nd horse usurped the redemption of the declarations of war against France resulting from Napoleon’s war belonging to King Henri V of France, who died exile in Austria, in 1883 after they assassinated his father going to the opera in Paris. Usurpers even gave one of the redemptions of the declarations of war to the Confederates to make the American Civil War. Until McKinley started World War I the 3rd horse, declaring war against the regent of Spain M Christine Austria in 1898, there were no declarations of war outstanding to redeem. A terrorist act in Sarajevo did not start WWI. The purpose of the Soviet revolution was to usurp the redemption of the declarations that WWI will generate and the purpose of the Cuban revolution was to usurp the redemption of the declarations generated by WWII. Both conspiracies failed.

The US Navy placed communism in power in Cuba. On August 14, 1933, the US Navy began an invasion of Havana, Cuba with the largest fleet ever deployed in America with 1800 foot soldiers and threatened they will destroy Havana. They ordered the freemason provisional Cuban Government to put in power a five-man provisional government that had a communist majority that ascended Batista as head of the Armed Forces.

Batista signed as a member of the communist party in 1919, when he went to organize the workers of a railroad in Camaguey with a non- recognized yet communist union. He became President in a fraudulent election in 1940 as a candidate of the communist party with posters with the hammer and sickle. Communist Party member Batista changed officers and sergeants to make an Army loyal to him later in 1952. Member of the Communist Party, General Aristides Sosa Quesada was Batista’s Secretary of Defense in 1941 and in 1957 was Batista’s G1 in Headquarters in charge of assigning officers to each unit in each operation. His communist speeches are in the Miami library system.

After elected President in a fraudulent election as the representative of the communist party in 1940, immediately Batista ordered Congress to take the word of God out of the Constitutional Law and named Communist Party member Marinello sub secretary of education, in charge of private Catholic schools. He also gave privileges to anti-Christians and racist Spanish haters. To ascend Batista in September 4, 1933 the US State Department used communist party members Carlos Prío and Ramon Grau later Presidents and communists Carbó and Irisari in the provisional five-man government. Jose Miguel Irisari was the director of “Fraternidad Espanola del Exilio” that helped Communists bringing them to Cuba from Spain after Franco’s victory. In his book, available in Miami Libraries, “A trip through Russia”, Sergio Carbó, who ascended Batista from Sergeant to Colonel to head of the Armed Forces, says that Lenin: “is the most illustrious of the human Gods of the Olympus after Napoleon…nobody no even Christ has had his following.” Not only he was a communist, he was also corny.

They selected Batista for this mission because he was the highest-ranking Communist crypto Jew in the army of Candy Island meaning Cuba. This was the same reason why they chose in France Lieutenant Napoleon Bonaparte-Remolinos a crypto Jew. The father of Fulgencio Batista changed his birth name in 1906 from Ruben Zaldivar-Palermo. Batista signed as member of the non-officially recognized Communist Party, when he joined the non-recognized yet communist Labor Union [later CNOC]; which was organizing the Northern Railroad of Camaguey in 1919. He became a union organizer and used to travel in railroads frequently. The London bankers owned Northern Railroad. The liaison contact between Batista and the US Government was Berenson who had identification cards from the CIA and the US State Department.

Batista has a Lichnoe or Personal Dossier in RGASPI the Archive of the Comintern as well as Grau, the 2 Castro and Prio whom were presidents after WWII. These proofs were available in the Library of Congress site www.comintern-online.com built by Professor Haynes a 20th century Historian. An archivist in RGASPI confirmed to us, Comintern did not archive Lichnoes of persons who were not members of the Communist Party. Other documents are available on request on the e-mail below.

Even if it sounds unimaginable the only objective of the Cuban revolution was to usurp the redemption of the 45 Declarations of War against Germany in WWII. This will be the same as when Napoleon I usurped the redemptions of the seven declarations of the 7-Year-War from Louis XVII. They assassinated Louis XVII in exile in 1812 in a country made for the purpose that already disappeared called West Feliciana now part of Louisiana. It will be the same as when Napoleon III usurped the redemption of the declarations against France of exiled King Henri V and even gave some of the redemptions to the Confederates to make the American Civil War. They assassinated Henri V’s father in a street of Paris and Henri died exile in Austria, 1883. Until McKinley started WWI, declaring war against the regent of Spain Mary Christine Austria, there were no more declarations outstanding. A terrorist act in Sarajevo did no generate any declarations of war. It did not start WWI. The purpose of the Soviet revolution was to usurp the redemption of the declarations that WWI will generate and the purpose of the Cuban revolution was to usurp the redemption of the declarations generated by WWII. Both conspiracies failed.

In Cuba, they wanted to achieve this usurpation by holding to power until the second successor to the crown of France born in Cuba known as Duke Bretagne married exiled in Miami. When he marries, his wife can negotiate the outstanding declarations. The head Conspirator Wieland in the State Department, who bragged about being a descendant of Voltaire, thought the Duke Bretagne would marry a girl descendant of British nobility or a Jew sympathetic to their aims, which they provided. They were so sure they would get a Julius Caesar and a Cornelia [wife of Julius] they nicknamed Duke Bretagne #2, “the easy one”. Florida’s Senator Rubio knows who Duke Bretagne is. The conspiracy backfired because when the successor remains single only he can redeem the 45 Declarations. That is because he is the first born of all Germans and of all humankind. Genetic Genealogy proves the primogeniture is not in-group “A” of the pigmies because they have the most ancient markers but in the European and Ancient Egyptians group “R” because they have discarded the highest number of mutations or markers.

Duke Bretagne #1 born in Cuba, dead in New York, 1981, married in Cuba only because he was recognized Duke Bretagne by his wife a descendant of the French royal house. This duke’s father, a Spaniard in Cuba married his niece so they recognized him, Silvestre, too. In response to Roosevelt and Batista’s anti Christian policy, the Jesuit wife of Bretagne #1 in a move that change world history forever gave Germany the redemption of the 18 Declarations they received in World War I. That way the Soviets could not use the 18 Declarations to destroy Christian west Europe in WWII. The Duke and his wife in 1940 were involved in opposing Batista in the movement “For School and Countryland” with Pepin Rivero of Diario de la Marina and Jesuit Dorta-Duque.

They selected Batista for this mission because he was the highest-ranking Communist crypto Jew in the army of Candy Island meaning Cuba. This was the same reason why they chose in France Lieutenant Napoleon Bonaparte-Remolinos a crypto Jew from Corsica. The father of Fulgencio Batista, a Sicilian, changed Fulgencio’s birth name in 1906 from Ruben Zaldivar-Palermo. The liaison contact between Batista and the US Government was the Jew Berenson who had identification cards from the CIA and the US State Department.

Batista has a Lichnoe or personal Dossier in RGASPI the Archive of the Comintern as well as Castro, Grau and Prio whom were presidents of Cuba after WWII. The documents that prove this are available in the search engine of the Library of Congress site www.comintern-online.com built by Professor John Haynes a 20th century historian. An archivist in RGASPI confirmed Comintern did not archive Lichnoes of persons who were not members of the Communist Party except 1 % of the Lichnoes that are of persons that work in the offices of the Comintern but did not sign as members. Other documents exposing Batista affiliation are available on the e-mail below.

Batista will later help Communism to power doing a symbiotic transfer to his friend, co-religionair and comrade of the Communist Party, the also Jew Fidel Castro. He will set his soldiers in places where Castro with a superiority of forces could slaughter them, order officers to help Castro forces when they were near being ambush, assigned friends of the conspiracy in every unit in operation, surrender garrisons never attacked and arrange at the end the surrender of all and each military garrisons by telephone. Colonel Ramon Barquin describes the transfer in his book: “The Day Castro Took Power.” Associated Press pictures show Castro’s personal visits to Batista in his palace “Cookiness” in the 1950’s. Batista and Castro’s families were friendly in Mayari during Raul’s early years. There is a picture of Batista with Raul in his arms. Washington’s government is responsible for imposing anti Christianity in power in Cuba. This, US Ambassador to Cuba, E T Smith, Squire, declared in a sworn statement in a US Senate investigation, August 30, 1960. He also wrote a book: “4th Floor” referring to the fourth floor of the State Department. To organize State Security they had to bring foreign Jews as the Israeli Contente who organized security in the Army and the Mexican Abrahantes who organized Neighborhood Committees to guarantee success.

Ambassador Smith of USA

Cristians executed by Jews

The Communist revolution in the Soviet Union was finance by the bankers of New York City and London because they wanted Lenin or Stalin to redeem whatever declarations resulted from WWI. The most important factor in the Russian revolution was the Prussian Army victory against Russia at Tannenburg August 26, 1914, which they also financed. The Prussian army took to power a group of very unpopular Jews slaughtering the Christian government that the people preferred. The Jew bankers moved their Prussian empire from Berlin to Moscow in the Great War of 1914 as before they moved their Napoleon Empire in France to Berlin. The first born of the Bourbons in those days, a Duke Bretagne too, died fighting the Soviets in 1917 in Ukraine. When the firstborn of the Bourbons born in Spain calls himself Duke Anjou he is telling all of us, he is not the first successor to the crown of France that there is another one out there, descendant of Louis XV and Leszczynska that they do not identify. The title Anjou signifies the second in line. Anjou cannot redeem the 45 declarations when Duke Bretagne, born in Cuba, dies because he was born in Spain. The declarations originated in Cuba. Taking the island from Spain was a mistake of McKinley. McKinley also signed the Treaty of Paris with regent M Cristina Austria making USA responsible for life and property in Cuba while USA is occupying the island as in Guantanamo. If the President gives a declaration of war to Castro, it will be like McKinley giving a declaration to Maria Cristina Austria, the Regent of Spain, in 1898, Cuba will pass it on to Moscow. Cristina Austria passed the redemption of the declaration to the Austro-Germans to begin WWI.

Queen Leszczynska, wife of King Lui XV, used to deliver twins and at least had one triplet under the care of her Jesuit sympathizers. The Jesuits and the Jesuit fanatic-queens breaking the Christian covenant forever extracted more than two baby boys and sent them abroad. The Cuban Duke Bretagne is the only descendant alive.

The 161 declarations against the allies in WWII were already redeemed creating 15 monarchies, 42 communist states and 104 states created by the Democrat Party, the last sovereignty S. Sudan in 2011. Two declarations they used to create the States of Hawaii and Alaska in 1959. It is not a coincidence that the 159 sovereignties created after 1945, added to the two US States equals the number of declarations of war received by the allies, 161. The Duke could not begin redeeming the declarations against Deutschland until the allies ended their redemption. When the Duke dies single without redeeming the 45 declarations, the socialist-nationalist Russians of Putin will redeem the 45 declarations. There is no McNamara Mutual Assured Destruction because the differences in time zones. With the declarations of Britain and France alone, you can make war without consequence to all the 10 monarchies of Europe and the British, Dutch, Belgium, French and other Empires. That is a treasure unsurpassed by any fortune of any trillionaire banker in the world.

Castro loves New York the Jew city in USA

This recompilation of revelations we dedicate: first to the eponymous hero John, author of “Apocalypse.” Revelations: Chapter 7-4 “And I heard the number of those whom they sealed 144,000” [Christianized-Jews] Chapter 7-9 “After this I saw a great multitude that no man could number” [1.5 billion Christians]. “Out of all other nations, tribes, peoples and tongues… that submitted to the [Christian] throne. They celebrated on the side of those sworn to the right hand of Christ. They were dress in white with palms in their hands.” He wrote this from the prison of Patmos in 90 AD, where they jailed him for life for writing the gospel verse John 8:44. In John 8:44 he called Abraham in a subtle way a murder and the inventor of lies.

Second, we also dedicate these revelations to the Master of Logia John Baptist who lost his life because he taught Jesus about Mary’s trip to Egypt He taught Jesus that he was the firstborn of King Narmer of Egypt and of humankind. He taught Jesus he was the son of Caesar Ptolemy XV [Caesarion] and that was why he walked with the soul of Christ, his second soul. To say they killed John Baptist because Salome was a good dancer is an insult to derogate the Baptist merits in history. Third, we dedicate this testament to Cleopatra who gave her life for Christ. She conquered Julius Caesar with her wits because she gave him the whole genealogy of his family from Narmer to Thuthmoses IV and to his person and recognized him King of Egypt, which in essence deified him. Egyptians believed Amen, as they called Christ, was the second soul in the first born of humankind who was their King. They believe it was an insult to say Amen lives in the highest and that heaven is in the sky. The highest creations of Amen [Christ] are the material soul and the human senses. Amen must live in a human being to have evolved the soul and the human senses.


“He who dreams without struggling never triumphs. He who struggles without dreaming never lives. Agusto Duque Bretagne


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