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NWA/WCW Worldwide Wrestling- Key Events:

June 16th, 1990 The Southern Boys vs Fabulous Freebirds; A
  Horsemen brawl with Sting; Ric Flair & Arn Anderson in tag team action.
June 23rd, 1990 Great American Bash 1990 ppv hype; Arn Anderson vs Z-Man; A -
  In action: Flyin' Brian, Lex Luger, Buddy Landell, Paul Orndorff
  Barry Windham.
June 30th, 1990 Jim Herd announces stipulation for Great American Bash '90 main event; B -
  Ric Flair and Sting in confrontation;
  Arn Anderson & Barry Windham & Sid Vicious in six man tag team action.
July 7th, 1990 Great American Bash '90 weekend - final hype for the ppv; B
  Debut: Star Blazer (Tim Horner under a mask) in debut match;
  Stan Hansen & Tommy Rich feud pushed.
July 14th, 1990 Sting celebrates NWA World title win; Lex Luger & Sid Vicious feud pushed; B +
  Midnight Express in action.
July 21st, 1990 More focus on Sting's NWA World title win; Bash '90 ppv clips aired; A -
  Z-Man jumped by the Horsemen; Paul E. Dangerously & Jim Cornette promos;
  In action: Steiner Brothers, Lex Luger, Samoan Swat Team.
July 28th, 1990 Debut: Big Van Vader in free t.v. debut match; Z-Man promo on Big Van Vader; A -
  Horsemen attack Lex Luger backstage; Sting & Junk Yard Dog Interview;
  Flyin' Brian-Bam Bam Bigelow feud teased.
August 4th, 1990 Lex Luger plays mind games with the Horsemen; B -
  Debuts: 'Candyman' Brad Armstrong & Doug Furnas debut matches;
  Recap on Stan Hansen's suspension; Flyin' Brian & Z-Man in action.
August 11th, 1990 Lex Luger vs Bob Holly; The Fantastics vs State Patrol; B +
  Mean Mark Callous in action; Ric Flair & Arn Anderson in tag team action;
  Also in action: Lou Perez.
August 18th, 1990 Midnight Express vs Rock & Roll Express; Hector Guerrero in action;  B +
  Horsemen vs Bob Holly & jobbers; Rare Buddy Roberts (third Freebird) appearance.
August 25th, 1990 Debut: Nasty Boys debut match; Black Scorpion 1st vignette; Clash 12 hype; A -
  Brad Armstrong vs Bob Holly; Hector Guerrero & Mean Mark Callous in action;
  In action: Big Van Vader.
September 1st, 1990 Halloween Havoc '90 ppv hype; Flyin' Brian Pillman vs Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker; B +
  Debut: Master Blasters 1st vignette;
  Final hype for Sting vs Black Scorpion at Clash 12 tv special.
September 8th, 1990 The Steiner Brothers vs Samoan Swat Team; Master Blasters debut interview; B -
  Steiner Brothers announced as new U.S. tag team champions;
  Clips from Sting vs Black Scorpion at Clash 12 tv special.
September 15th, 1990 Sting & Sid Vicious feud hype; Lex Luger & Stan Hansen feud hype; B -
  Debut: Terry Taylor in debut match vs Buddy Landell; Also in action: Dan Spivey;
  Ric Flair & Arn Anderson & Doom feud hype.
September 22nd, 1990 Halloween Havoc '90 hype; Sting & Black Scorpion angle furthered; B
  Debuts: Allan Iron Eagle & Alex Porteau & Blade Hunter in action;
  Debut: Rocky King repackaged as Little Richard Marley;
September 29th, 1990 Angle involving Sting & Black Scorpion & Sid Vicious & Flyin' Brian Pillman; B
  Terry Taylor vs Stan Lane; Doom attack Arn Anderson;
  Debuts: J.W. Storm & Chris Hamrick in action.
October 6th, 1990 Gordon Solie blindfolded in Black Scorpion's cave; Southern Boys vs State Patrol; B -
  Debut: Trucker Norm's Corner segment; 'The Freebirds in Hollywood' skit.
October 13th, 1990 Halloween Havoc '90 contract signings: Sting & Sid Vicious, Steiners & Nasty Boys; B -
  Debuts: The Juicer & Renegade Warriors in action.
October 20th, 1990 Nasty Boys vs Terry Taylor & Tommy Rich; House Show clips; B
  Ric Flair & Arn Anderson in brawl with Doom; Steiner Brothers win in 20 seconds.
October 27th, 1990 Flyin' Brian feuds with Dutch Mantell; The Juicer & J.W. Storm in action; B
  Midnight Express in angle with Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich & El Gigante;
  Junk Yard Dog promo.
November 3rd, 1990 Havoc '90 Recap on Sting & Black Scorpion storyline;  B -
  Steiners & Nasty Boys Recap; Clash 13 tv special hype;
  Debut: Motor City Madman & Paul E. Dangerously vignette.
November 10th, 1990 Starrcade '90 ppv hype; Clash 13 tv special hype; B -
  Paul E. Dangerously & Motor City Madman 2nd vignette;
  In action: Sting, Iron Sheik.
November 17th, 1990 Teddy Long aboard Ric Flair's boat; The Freebirds vs Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich; B
  The Juicer vs Moondog Rex; Z-Man vs Barry Horowitz;
  Nasty Boys cut promo on Steiners, inside a steel cage.
November 24th, 1990 Debut: Big Cat in action; Z-Man vs Rip Rogers; C -
  The Steiner Brothers vs Buddy Landell & Moondog Rex.
December 1st, 1990 Clash 13 Recap: Black Scorpion's magic trick; Bobby Eaton gets singles heel push; C +
  Sting vs Moondog Rex; The Steiner Brothers vs State Patrol.
December 8th, 1990 Starrcade '90 ppv hype; Ric Flair jumped by Doom and street thugs; C +
  Sid Vicious vs The Nightstalker; Stan Hansen vs Allan Iron Eagle;
  Z-Man vs Buddy Landell; The Skyscrapers clips.
December 15th, 1990 New graphics: WCW on-screen graphics & on the ring aprons for the first time; B -
  Debut: Michael Wallstreet & Alexandra York in vignette and debut match;
  Ricky Morton vs Rip Rogers.
December 22nd, 1990 Starrcade '90 Recap & clips - Steiner Brothers & Lex Luger wins; B -
  Ricky Morton vs Bobby Eaton; Terry Taylor Interview.
December 29th, 1990 1990 Year in Review Show: Flyin' Brian Pillman vs Stan Lane; B
  Z-Man vs Motor City Madman; Bobby Eaton vs The Juicer;
  Terry Taylor vs Rip Rogers.
January 5th, 1991 Ricky Morton vs Bobby Eaton (rematch); Ric Flair (with short hair) promo; B -
  Bobby Eaton face turn teased, brawl with Fabulous Freebirds.
January 12th, 1991 Flyin' Brian Pillman vs Dutch Mantell (blow off match); Four Horsemen vignette; B -
  Debut: 'Lethal' Larry Cameron in debut match; Steiner Brothers & Freebirds recap;
  Debut: Sullivans Saloon Interview segment;
January 19th, 1991 Ric Flair wins WCW World title & first interview as new champion; C +
  Debut: Konnan in debut match; Z-Man vs Wild Bill Irwin; Clash 14 tv special hype;
  Renegade Warriors vs Magnum Force.
January 26th, 1991 Arn Anderson vs Bobby Eaton; Barry Windham as color commentator; B +
  Dissension within Doom teased.
February 2nd, 1991 Z-Man vs Arn Anderson (TV Title change); Sting vs Ric Flair (World Title change); A
  Fabulous Freebirds vs Flyin' Brian Pillman & Brad Armstrong;
  The Steiner Brothers vs Master Blasters.
February 9th, 1991 Barry Windham vs Ron Simmons; Doom split heavily teased; C
  Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich & Junk Yard Dog vs Master Blasters & Lt. Earle Wright;
  Sting & Lex Luger vs Dutch Mantell & Rip Rogers.
February 16th, 1991 Arn Anderson vs Bobby Eaton (rematch); Gordon Solie debuts as new color guy; B -
  Ric Flair & El Gigante in confrontation.
February 23rd, 1991 Z-Man vs Terry Taylor (newly turned heel); El Gigante vs State Patrol; B -
  Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vs Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner;
  Ric Flair Interview; Wrestle War '91 ppv hype.
March 2nd, 1991 Wrestle War '91 ppv Recap; Lex Luger vs Sid Vicious; Z-Man vs Joey Maggs; C
  Simmons vs Windham Recap; Simmons in the Danger Zone Interview segment.
March 9th, 1991 Debuts: Dustin Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, Big Josh; El Gigante & Missy Hyatt vignette; B +
  Terrence Taylor, Mr. Hughes, Young Pistols repackaged; Sting & El Gigante team up;
  Bobby Eaton vs Terrence Taylor; Barry Windham vs Brad Armstrong.
March 16th, 1991 Debut: Diamond Dallas Page, as Freebirds manager; C
  Bobby Eaton & Z-Man vs Terrence Taylor & Buddy Landell;
  The Steiner Brothers announced as new WCW World tag team champions.
March 23rd, 1991 Debut: Marc Mero jumps Ron Simmons; Ricky Morton vs Barry Windham; C
  Junk Yard Dog & Tommy Rich vs Fabulous Freebirds; York Foundation promo;
  Debut: Dustin Rhodes free tv debut match.
March 30th, 1991 Debut: Owen Hart in debut match; Stan Hansen returns; Nikita Koloff vignette; C
  Bobby Eaton jumped by York Foundation; Diamond Dallas Page pushed;
  Sid Vicious & El Gigante feud starts.
April 6th, 1991 Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs Ricky Morton & Tommy Rich;   C -
  Owen Hart in action; Sid Vicious & Stan Hansen tag team;
  U.S. tag team titles held up.
April 13th, 1991 Debuts: One Man Gang & Kevin Sullivan debut appearances; Superbrawl ppv hype; C -
  Big Josh vs Terrence Taylor; Marc Mero wrestles as a jobber. 
April 20th, 1991 Sting & Luger vs Steiners announced for Superbrawl ppv; C -
  Ric Flair & Tatsumi Fujinami feud pushed; Lex Luger & Nikita Koloff feud recapped;
  Flyin' Brian Pillman & El Gigante tag team.
April 27th, 1991 Entire Superbrawl ppv line up announced; Ric Flair & Tatsumi Fujinami feud recapped; C
  El Gigante & One Man Gang feud begins;
  Sid Vicious vs Marc Mero; The Steiner Brothers vs State Patrol.
May 4th, 1991 Flyin' Brian Pillman & Bobby Eaton vs Arn Anderson & Barry Windham; B +
  Ricky Morton vs Terrence Taylor; Superbrawl ppv hype;
  Sting & Lex Luger & Steiner Brothers Music Video.
May 11th, 1991 Debut: P.N. News debut match; Ric Flair loses squash, brawls with Flyin' Brian; C +
  Big Josh & Tommy Rich vs Arn Anderson & Terrence Taylor;
  El Gigante & Ron Simmons brawl with One Man Gang & Kevin Sullivan.
May 18th, 1991 Final Superbrawl ppv hype; Lex Luger vs Doug Gilbert; C -
  Another El Gigante & Ron Simmons brawl with One Man Gang & Kevin Sullivan.
May 25th, 1991 Ricky Morton & Dustin Rhodes vs Arn Anderson & Terrence Taylor C
  Morton teases heel turn; One Man Gang in S & M gimmick;
  Barry Windham attacked by Flyin' Brian in a chicken suit.
June 1st, 1991 Debut: The Desperados first vignette; Michael PS Hayes vs Steve Armstrong; C -
  Debut: Fantasia run in; Sting & Nikita Koloff feud recap;
  Ricky Morton wrestles as a heel.
June 8th, 1991 Dustin Rhodes & Bobby Eaton vs Arn Anderson & Terrence Taylor; D
  Nikita Koloff vs Tommy Rich; Flyin' Brian vs Doug Gilbert; Desperados 2nd vignette;
  Barry Windham attacked by guy in gorilla suit; Ricky Morton teases heel turn again.
June 15th, 1991 Flair vs Luger announced for Great American Bash '91 ppv; Desperados 3rd vignette; B +
  Sting & Pillman & El Gigante & Rich vs Flair & Koloff & Windham & One Man Gang;
  Ric Flair in last singles tv match before leaving; 'Brian Pillman leaves WCW' angle.
June 29th, 1991 Debut: 'Stunning' Steve Austin debuts, wins TV title vs Bobby Eaton; B
  Debuts: Johnny B. Badd, The Hardliners; Yellow Dog; Black Blood;
  Ricky Morton turns heel on Robert Gibson.
July 6th, 1991 Gordon Solie's last show as color commentator; Paul E Dangerously delivers ppv hype; B -
  Lex Luger Music Video; Yellow Dog & Barry Windham brawl;
  Diamond Studd pushed.
July 13th, 1991 Ric Flair stripped of WCW World title; Magnum T.A. debuts as new color guy; B
  Jim Herd announces new Bash '91 ppv matches;
  Debut: WCW Patriots; In action: Mr. Hughes.
July 20th, 1991 Lex Luger wins WCW World title & turns heel with Harley Race; B
  Yellow Dog & Eaton & Rhodes vs Arn Anderson & Barry Windham & Diamond Studd;
  Yellow Dog storyline explained.
August 3rd, 1991 Yellow Dog & Dustin Rhodes vs The Enforcers; Big Josh vs One Man Gang; B -
  U.S. title & World tag team titles vacated; Mr Hughes contract sold to Lex Luger;
  Young Pistols vs Richard Morton & Terrence Taylor; Nikita Koloff vs Jackie Fulton.
August 10th, 1991 Sting & Rick Steiner vs The Hardliners; Z-Man & Robert Gibson vs The Enforcers; B +
  Yellow Dog vs Terrence Taylor; Stunning Steve Austin & Johnny B. Badd feud teased;
  Magnum TA debuts interview segment.
August 17th, 1991 Stunning Steve Austin vs Robert Gibson; Bobby Eaton & Big Josh vs The Enforcers; B +
  Freebirds & Enforcers begin feud; Johnny B. Badd teases face turn;
  Sting declines to answer questions about Luger.
August 24th, 1991 Dustin Rhodes & Z-Man & Big Josh vs Freebirds & Badstreet (6 man tag title change); C
  Flyin' Brian Pillman reinstated; Barry Windham turns face; Oz in action;
  WWN segment debuts; Light Heavyweight title tournament announced.
August 31st, 1991 Sting wins U.S. title, attacked by Abdullah the Butcher; C
  WCW Patriots vs The Enforcers; DDP & Diamond Studd split;
  Bill Kazmaier challenges Nikita Koloff; Joey Maggs promo.
September 7th, 1991 Debut: Cactus Jack delivers debut promo; Sting in the Dangerzone interview segment; B -
  The Enforcers announced as new World tag team champions;
  Luger attacks Windham; Dustin Rhodes & Z-Man & Big Josh vs York Foundation.
September 21st, 1991 Cactus Jack wrestles a squash match; Havoc '91 ppv hype; Luger & Z-Man feud; B
  Z-Man as referee, costs Austin match; Ron Simmons & Lex Luger Music Video;
  Flyin' Brian Pillman vs Thomas Rich.
October 5th, 1991 Cactus Jack vs Bobby Eaton; Dangerously & Missy Hyatt on-location vignette; B +
  Johnny B. Badd debuts his Badd Blaster confetti gun.
October 12th, 1991 Debuts: Van Hammer 1st vignette; Axl Rotten promo; Ron Simmons Music Video; C
  Stunning Steve Austin vs Steve Armstrong; Larry Zbyszko vs Jimmy Garvin;
  Flyin' Brian Pillman & Mike Graham vs Terrence Taylor & Thomas Rich.
October 19th, 1991 Dustin Rhodes vs Mr Hughes; Big Josh vs Thomas Rich B +
  Cactus Jack & Abdullah the Butcher sing Happy Birthday to Sting;
  Paul E. Dangerously & Missy Hyatt 3rd on-location vignette.
October 26th, 1991 Halloween Havoc '91 ppv final hype; Ron Simmons vs Mr Hughes B
  Stunning Steve Austin vs P.N. News; Van Hammer Music Video;
  Debut: Madusa (as a babyface); Madusa vs Judy Martin.
November 2nd, 1991 Bobby Eaton vs Johnny B. Badd; Barry Windham vs Larry Zbyszko; B
  Debuts: Van Hammer & Arachniman in action; 
  Rick Steiner vs Lex Luger in impromptu match.
November 16th, 1991 Dustin Rhodes & Z-Man & Bobby Eaton vs Anderson & Austin & Zbyszko; D
  Bobby Eaton heel turn teased; El Gigante returns to action; P.N. News vs Mr Hughes;
  New Six Man tag team champions, York Foundation in action.
November 23rd, 1991 Debut: Ravishing Rick Rude, wins U.S. title; Ravishing Rick Rude vs Johnny Rich B +
  Bobby Eaton & Rhodes vs Arn Anderson & Stunning Steve Austin;
  Bobby Eaton turns heel on Dustin Rhodes; Larry Zbyszko vs Firebreaker Chip.
November 30th, 1991 Debut: Dangerous Alliance; Lengthy Sting & Rude recap; Big Josh vs Thomas Rich  B
  Flyin' Brian Pillman & Z-Man & Mike Graham vs Arn Anderson & Eaton & Zbyszko; 
  Stunning Steve Austin vs Michael Hayes.
December 7th, 1991 Fabulous Freebirds vs Stunning Steve Austin & Bobby Eaton; B -
  Cactus Jack vs Van Hammer; Dustin Rhodes & Ricky Steamboat tag title win clips;
  Ravishing Rick Rude in action; Mr Hughes wins handicap squash match.
December 14th, 1991 Sting vs Mr Hughes; Jushin 'Thunder' Liger Video; Johnny B. Badd now a babyface; C -
  Big Josh & P.N. News & Arachniman vs Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton & Austin;
  Debut: Marcus Alexander Bagwell promo.
December 21st, 1991 Stunning Steve Austin vs Todd Champion; Cactus Jack vs Arachniman; C -
  Sting & Ravishing Rick Rude in confrontation and brawl; Starrcade '91 ppv hype;
  Marcus Alexander Bagwell promo.

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