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A-American PC Tech Support
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Call Me for all Your Computer Needs
I am a Computer Hardware and Software Support Technician. If you need assistance with
    • Tutoring: Extensive Knowledge of most Operating Systems and Software programs
    • Building: - I have a source for wholesale and retail parts and components
    • Repairing: - Trained in Component Level repair, Compaq Technical Service Engineer for many  years
    • Virus Removal: - Specialist with Norton or McAfee, some experience with PcCillin and Grisoft AVG
    • Software Data Recovery: This is very tricky and expensive, but do-able
    • DSL issues: Specialist in Bellsouth Fastaccess support
    • Dial up issues: - Specialist in configuring and creating Dial UP connections
    • Small Networks: Small Office and Home Networks Installation and Troubleshooting
    • Router Support : - Setup and Connecting Routers

    24 Hour Phone: (707) 720-6327

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    East Bay Area
    ***San Francisco ***
    ***Sacramento ***
    *** Vallejo ***
    ***all Cities in and around this Area ***

  • Custom Computers built to your specifications

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