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|:| Candiz Webbi |:|



Nathan~Hey..I'm sorri.

Katrina~ We can be sad 2gether girl!

Carissa~God ur a nut! Ew dad and Dorris!!

Kate B.~lol sorri I forgot the black nailpolish! damn that was funni!!lol

Ashley~Hey hey,it was nice to see you! Sorri u weren't so happi at the time tho!

Sam~Hey Sami!Thanx for talking to me today!Can't wait to see you next weekend!

Keshia L.~Hey hunnie how ya doin? talk to me!

Allison~Hey Allie!!u and Steven 4 life! Come visit me soon.

Keshia H.~Hey Hunnie! You're one of the best friends I've got.

Ryan~HAIR DYE! that day was fun bud! Even tho the party kinda suked!

Tyler~Wow bro,you and Jess...You really are great together!

Jessica~Hey Jess!You and Tyler forever!

David~that was funni @ mi party!lol shh about that

Tony~Remember what I said at the dance! I'll stick by it too!You can always tell
me anything,and I'll always be here for you!Mi house will be too!

Carrie~Hey hun! We've just started talking lately! and I'm glad! We share alot of the same ideas!!lol love ur hair by the way!

Melissa~Hey gurl!!Don't know you too well,but I said I'd add you!

Steven~Hey Boi..haha Carissa got you good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niki~Hey Gurl! Hows u?



P.S.:Shouts too:
Richie and Courtney.You guys truly rock!



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Quotes and Poems!!

Mine and Nikster's Poem(written together):

Surficane and Nikster were the best of friends,
Surficane and Nikster were damn near twins.
They could tell eachother anything,
They were always ready for what the other'd bring.
But then one day,Surfi disappeared,
And Nikster got very very skeered.
She started making up words that just made no sense,
Because she felt strange without her best friend.
Surfi missed Nikster so very much,
It was so horrible that they were out of touch.
Surfi tried hard to find her way back,
And Niksters mind was going off track.
Then one day Surfi appeared,
Nikster was so happy that her eyes teared.
The old friends were so very glad,
And they cherished the friendship that they had.
Now they know their friendship can withstand the test of time,
It's even strong enough to make poems rhyme.

Love ya Nikster!! Miss ya too!! We gotta start talking again,itz been forever!!! *mwuah*


"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"-Dr. Suess