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Friedrich Engels. 1820-1895.

Freidrich Engels was the son of a wealthy German manufacturer. Sent to a Manchester cotton mill , in Weaste, Salford, (in 1842), owned by his father. He became the agent for Ermen and Engels of Pendleton. Whilst in Manchester, Engels lived with a woman called Mary Burns, (a working class Irish girl) until her death, then he lived with her sister Lizzie. Through the two women, Engels became involved with the chartist. This led him to write, The Conditions of the Working Class in England, in 1844. It wasnt translated into English until some 40 years later! Which in turn led him, with his friend Karl Marx, (whom he met on the journey to England) to writing, The Communist Manifesto. Engels left Manchester in 1844 to return the next year with Karl Marx. He finally left Manchester in 1870 after selling the business, (his father had died some years before). He gave Marx an allowance of some 350 pounds per year because he believed in his writing so much. During his time in Manchester he wrote for many newspapers inc the Manchester Guardian. He lived in London for the rest of his life, promoting the writing of Marx, especially after Marx died in 1883.