What will tomorrow bring our children?~!.


Our Lady-"You ask Me, My child, why My tears are flowing? Come with Me and look!" Veronica-Oh, my goodness! I, I see . . . I, I never saw so many dead people! Our Lady-"Man against man, nation against nation. No flesh shall be spared." Veronica-Oh, I see a great, horrible war! I see . . . it looks like a mushroom, a tremendous explosion, and everything is gone! Oh! Our Lady-"Satan, My child, shall have his hand upon the button." Veronica-Our Lady is pointing over, and She's going . . . and She's pointing over-it's like you're looking over a large body of water. Now there's the land, and I see many people. They're dressed in uniforms. I recognize them, and on their hats is like a red star. They're, they're army uniforms. Our Lady . . . oh, I know-oh, my goodness, it is Russia! Our Lady-"See, My child, there are not enough prayers to stop the evil. Unless you pray more now for the conversion of Russia, a great War will soon be upon your earth. "Socializing, My child, will avail nothing to mankind, for the man who is not of God the Father, his word is not of truth. There is no honor without your God. Promises, promises, pact upon pact, with not a word of truth behind them! "My child, hasten to spread the word! Much evil is planned against your glorious land. Hasten! Spread the word! You as a nation are being deluded. There are enemies all about you, waiting. They plan to move upon you from within. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer. You have not a moment to lose." - Our Lady, February 1, 1975

RUSSIA PLANS ATTACK "My child and My children, I wish that you all keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout the world, your country, the United States, and Canada. I warn you again that Russia plans an attack upon the United States. "You must remember, My children, when you accept the talkings and the words of an atheist: there is no honor in the atheist. There is no truth in the atheist. They will cajole you, and buy you, until you no longer are what is called a 'free nation,' but you will be enslaved-if they do not kill the multitudes before, My child. I say 'if,' because it is their plan to destroy your nation and rebuild it by themselves. The cost of life means nothing to them, as you can recognize in all of the countries around your world that have been invaded by Russia, or Russia is the secret agent giving over the firearms and the destructive missiles to destroy the United States and Canada." - Our Lady, September 14, 1985
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