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About://My Love

I don't have many words right now to tell you about all the things you mean to me and to let you know how important you are in my life !! If it weren't for you I would live my life like a rock and not feel or see any beauty or love at any point in life !! Whenever I feel lost you are my compass to guide me back home, i just wanted to say that you are the most special thing in my life. you are everywhere around me to inspire my days, you make me feel warm when I'm cold, there is no way I am ever going to let you go !!! being by your side for the rest of my life is the biggest honour I could ever get in life !!!

I know I 'm not the best man around and I do really hope you can see me trying to do best as much as I can for you and to clear whatever doubts we had all this time .You truly mean a zillion for me ,how would I not care for you because you being happy is the only thing that matter. Looking forward to brighter days to spent with you!!! I'll always be here for you and you're where my heart is.

Sweetest Smile


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