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LaDiEz n  GeNtLeMeN..WiThOuT fUrThEr AdUe

Id LiKe tO pReSeNt tHe lAdIeZ tHaT sTaYeD tRuE

DeReS sTePhAnIe- ShEz cRaZi WiT wUt sHe SpEaKz

N dErEs KoDi WiT hEr CuTe LiL bAbY cHeEkZ

DeReZ KaNdAcE wHoZ aLwAyZ CoUnTeD iN

AlL dEz GuRkz ArE kEeP'n ThIn

AmAnDa jUsT kIcKz MaJoR aSs

MaLiSsAs sO dAyUm sMaRt pAsSiN eVeRy ClAsS

SaBlE mAkEz mE lAuGh wItH HeR sArCaSTIc ShyT

AlIzAbEtHs aLwAyS hYpEr aCtIn LyKe A pArT tYmE dItS

ChRisTiNeS mAdD cRaZy & hAiLeY iS ToO

To AlL mY lAdIeS...*i LoVe YoU!*