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Unofficial page of the Indonesian Air Force

Transport Aircrafts

The Indonesian Air Force operates many transport aircrafts of various sizes, most of which are western aircraft.Ranging from the worldwide famous C-130 Hercules to the small yet capable NC-212,these aircrafts fly numerous missions across the archipelago.

Lockheed Martin C-130 B/H

The C-130 'Hercules' is a classic military transport aircraft.In operation with numerous air forces around the world,it had proven its capability on and off the battlefields.Despite of its age,the aircraft is still active with many operators around the world, including the United States Air Force. Indonesia was one of the first few countries to operate this excellent aircraft and the Indonesian Air Force currently operates the B and H versions of this aircraft. The Hercules have been widely used in numerous military support and humanitarian operations in Indonesia,especially in the role of delivering badly needed supplies to victims of natural disasters in remote areas of the country.

Airtech CN-235 M

Produced jointly by the Spanish CASA and Indonesia's IPTN (now Indonesian Aerospace), The CN-235 is often viewed as an example of excellent product of the Indonesian aerospace industry. The CN-235 have been developed into various different versions, each catering to the different need of both military and commercial aviation world. These ranging from passenger transport, miltary transport. maritime patrol and many more. The TNI-AU operates several versions of this aircraft.They are mainly assigned troop transport and maritime patrol roles.

Fokker F-27

The Fokker F-27 is another example of excellent transport aircraft in service with the TNI-AU. Originated in the Netherlands,this type have been in sevice with the Indonesian Air Force for a long time and are also widely used in transport roles.

Boeing 707 VIP

Indonesian Air Force operates a single Boeing 707 aircraft.The aircraft served in the Indonesian Air Force as a VIP transport aircraft.The aircraft is also known to be used by the Air Force as a flying hospital.

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Originally designed and produced in Spain by CASA, the C-212 aircrafts have been produced under lisence by IPTN (now Indonesian Aerospace) as the NC-212.The NC-212 is proven to be an economical solution to air force's need for a lightweight transport aircraft,this contributed to its' success world wide. The aircraft filled the light transport role in the Indonesian Air Force.

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Last Updated 15/10/2001