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Unofficial page of the Indonesian Air Force

Other Aircrafts

Some of the aircrafts in the Indonesian Air Force do not belong to any of the other categories, therefore they are listed here, under other aircrafts category.

Boeing 737 Maritime Patrol

These specially designed aircrafts are the maritime patrol version of the popular Boeing 737 jetliner. Indonesia operate 3 of these aircrafts.Equipped with the SLAR,these aircrafts are one of the finest maritime patrol aircraft in service with the Indonesian military.

Sorry no pictures available at the moment

AS-202 Bravo

The AS-202 Bravo is used as basic traniner in the Indonesian Air Force.The TNI-AU operates quite a number of these aircrafts, used by Training Squadron 101 and 102 (Skadik 101,102).

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Last Updated 15/10/2001