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Unofficial page of the Indonesian Air Force

Helicopters and Non Fix Winged Aircrafts

The Indonesian Air Force operates an impressive array of non fix winged aircrafts, most of which are serving in the transport roles,particularly in carrying out transport missions to remote areas unreachable by conventional fix winged aircrafts.

Bell NB-412

The Bell NB-412 is an example of new generation of combat transport helicopters.Extremely capable and agile, on and off the battle fields.The Indonesian NB-412s are locally produced (under license) by the IPTN (now Indonesian Aerospace).

Bell 204 B

Information not available at the moment.

Sorry no pictures available at the moment

NAS-332 Super Puma

A successor of the NAS-330,the Super Puma are highly capable helicopters,and currently is one of the more important helicopters in the Indonesian miltary,particularly in the Air Force.They are mainly used as transports and rescue (Combat-SAR) helicopters.

NAS-332 Super Puma VVIP / VIP

This version of the NAS-332 Super Puma is specially modified for VIP/VVIP transport. The Air Force operates several of these helicopters ,particularly for presidential transport.

NAS-330 Puma

Predecessor to the newer NAS-332 Super Puma, the NAS-330 is lisence built by the IPTN (now Indonesian Aerospace) and have seen many years of service in the Indonesian military. This type will eventually be replaced by the newer and more capable Super Pumas,however for now it will still be in service for many more years to come.

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Last Updated 15/10/2001