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Unofficial page of the Indonesian Air Force

Combat Aircrafts

Below we have a list of some of the combat aircrafts currently in service with th TNI-AU. Together,they formed the backbone of Indonesian air defence.Every one of these aircrafts fill specific roles, for example air superiority, ground attack, maritime patrol and many other roles.

McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

This classic combat aircraft entered service with the TNI-AU in the 1980s. The Indonesian Air Force currently operates the A-4E and A-4F models.The Indonesian A-4 fighters are assigned maritime patrol and ground attack roles. They are currently based in Ujung pandang, South Sulawesi.

Rockwell OV-10 Bronco

The OV-10, often dubbed the true COIN (Counter Insurgency) machine, is the main COIN aircraft of the Indonesian Air Force.They have been involved in many campaigns against insurgents,especially during the East Timor campaign in 1976. Indonesian OV-10s have been modified by IPTN (now Indonesian Aerospace) to enhance their capabilities. Due to its old age, the type will soon be retired from service, possibly replaced with newer British Aerospace Hawks.

British Aerospace Hawk

The BAe Hawk is a truly outstanding and economical multi-role fighter aircraft, often described as one of the best multi-role combat aircraft in the world. The Indonesian Air Force currently operates a number of these impressive aircrafts. The TNI-AU operates the Hawk Mk53, Mk100 and Mk 200. Besides being utilised as a combat aircraft, the BAe Hawks also served in the Indonesian Air Force as advanced trainers.

General Dynamics F-16 Block 15 OCU

One of the most successful modern fighter jet, the F-16 have been in service with the Indonesian Air Force since the 1990s.Indonesian F-16 belong to the Block 15 OCU,which means they have been upgraded to enhance their combat capabilities.The Indonesian F-16s are assigned the air superoirity role.

Northrop F-5 E/F Tiger

The Indonesian Air Force operated a small number of these light fighters. Indonesian F-5 fighters have undergone avionics upgrade program called the MACAN program in the late 1990s. This program have successfully enhance the fighter's capabilities to a level that of the airforce's F-16 and BAe Hawks.
The F-5 served as a multi purpose fighter in the Indonesian Air Force.

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Special Note:

In the aftermath of the East Timor Independence, Indonesian Air Force F-5s and Bae Hawks have managed to intercept RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) F-18s which have illegaly entered Indonesian airspace. Even though these incidents involving RAAF aircrafts have occured several times,and despite protests from the Indonesian government, the world did not take any serious action regarding this matter,generally because they are only concerned about the alleged human right abuses in East Timor.

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Last Updated 13/10/2001