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independence day (don't choke on the irony)

i came to pay you a visit now I'm pissing on your grave i came to give you my last words "I got nothing to say" and there's a time and a place for disgust and disgrace so quit your crying and let me spit back in your face what's a memory when you've already lost your mind? what's the point of suicide when you've failed a thousand times? with your foot on my throat you've got me where you want me and if I could only breathe i'd speak and congratulate you one crippling mistake put my teeth on the curb my crippling mistake: I let you get the last word alchemy your mistake turns to mine last night was a mistake your loss and I've lost (alchemy your mistake turns to mine the night falls hard on my face the wind blows through this hole in my chest and i'm fucked)