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The Gray Fox's Retirement Homes

Gray Fox's Retirement Homes creates a retirement communities for seniors where professionalism and human kindness exits side by side, where customer service and care promote trust and value for our residents.

The Gray Fox's Retirement Home Location

You're Never to Old to Learn

The Gray Fox's is proud to present Mr. Eric Crayton. He is a computer consultant for E&L Technology. They are a small computer firm with location in Dallas, St.Louis, and Atlanta. Mr.Crayton is the CEO and founder of the company that employee some the world top consultant, analyzers, and network designers. Several retirements’ resorts as well as the Gray Fox’s has choosing E&L Technology to come in and train its members and staff some computer fundamental. Today we are introduce a new program call; Your Never to Old to Learn. This program will teach all current members, as well as new member the basic computer fundamental. We also offer on-line classes, and hands on training at the Gray Fox’s facility.

If you are interested in participating, in the new program please contact Mrs.Ross at the center at 501-777-9311.