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The Lounge
The open plan lounge is the heart of the Big Brother House. This is the first room housemates discover when they enter the House for the first time via a white staircase, crowned by electric doors. This is the place for the housemates to relax, unwind and do whatever else they fancy... Whether or not the housemates bond is down to them, but who could fail to interact in a living space designed for maximum enjoyment?

An extension of the roundness of the structure, the area is a feast of softness and curves: the funky mats, the smooth-as-a-baby cushions - even the mirrors have rounded-off edges. Furnishings are in plain yet vibrant colours; panels of salmon pink and ivory sit contentedly on the walls, beautifully complementing the green and pink sofas.

Grass-effect rugs (all round, of course) bring life to the natural carpeting and wood floors, leather bean bags to di(v)e for add a touch of class, and beautiful light sculptures create just the right amount of luminosity.
Natural light floods into the area through the wall-to-wall patio doors that lead into the foliage-crammed garden. The lounge also contains a plasma screen




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