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The Garden
Covering an area of around 180 square metres, the Big Brother garden provides luxury, stimulus, food, outdoor bean bags and feathered friends for the occupants of the House!Framed perfectly by fragrant foliage and lush lawn, the heated swimming pool is perfect for warming up or cooling off, by cool spring day or balmy summer night. Hexagonal in shape, the turquoise tiles span an area 5x5 metres and 1.5metres deep and are surrounded by wooden decking.Extending from the House and into the garden is an outdoor sheltered area with seating - the ideal spot for housemates to enjoy the outdoors without risking sunburn. Cedar wood has been used to build the arbour because it absorbs heat during the day and so keeps the area warm in the evening. Ingenious, really. The garden isn't all about luxury, though, despite the swimming pool, barbeque and arbour. The housemates are equipped with a number of essential garden implements including secateurs, forks, shovels and gloves to help them keep the weeds at bay and foliage and plants in tip-top condition. In addition, the garden contains a large vegetable patch containing courgettes, broad beans, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, spring onions, lettuce, strawberries and rhubarb - perfect for those weeks when the shopping budget is on the lean side. The garden is home to the seven Big Brother chickens. Almost as much though has gone into choosing the housemates' feathered friends as went into the selection of the housemates themselves. Probably not using the same criteria, however... The final seven birds - two Boveneras, two Exchequer Leghorns and three Little Red Hens - were ultimately chosen for their calm temperaments and egg-laying abilities. All residents of the chicken coop are the responsibility of the housemates.





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