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09011 15 44 01
20-year-old Anouska is an assistant in a nursery where she changes nappies and feeds babies. She loves butterflies and peanut butter, admires Nelson Mandela, speaks her mind and hates people who don't listen to the opinions of others.

09011 15 44 02
Church-going Cameron works for a US seafood company, but once taught kids how to build rockets at summer camp. He loves Demi Moore in the movie Ghost, and while he says he isn't teetotal, he admits there isn't much alcohol he enjoys. Nothing winds him up more than hypochondriacs and people who exaggerate their illnesses.

09011 15 44 03
Federico has lived in Italy and New York, done a bit of modelling, loves to party and is hoping to leave the Big Brother House with a few new jokes to tell his friends. Halle Berry is his ideal woman, and he hates people who constantly raise their voices. He also loves donkeys!

09011 15 44 04
Head chef Gos lives at home with his mum and dad, is passionate about food and dreams of one day owning his own restaurant. In fact, his chef knives are one of the things he'll most miss during his stay in the Big Brother House. He adores his bed, hates traffic wardens and would love to be able to fly.

09011 15 44 05
Six-feet-two Jon is a physics graduate who dreams of retiring at the age of 45 to sail around The Med in a yacht. He's currently a data strategy manager and once worked in a chicken factory&but only lasted a day. He's a humanist but isn't too hot on commitment.

09011 15 44 06
Justine lives with her mum and older sister. A non-practicing Jew, she'd like to be reincarnated as Kylie. Since leaving school Justine's worked in retail jobs and is now a sales manager. She hates people who don't say "bless you" when she sneezes, and has a 'mirror twin.'

09011 15 44 07
23-year-old sales assistant Nush lives at home with her mum and dad, loves yoga and hates nuclear weapons. When in the House she plans to circus train the chickens and simply won't abide by housemates who pick their nose. Nush likes the finer things in life and sees her part-time job as a way of funding her fondness for beautiful food, long bubble baths and travelling the world.

09011 15 44 08
Irish IT systems administrator Ray believes he will be a great addition to the House because he's chatty, outgoing and a real people person. The 25-year-old is a footy fan and loves the odd spot of clubbing but one thing he WON'T miss about the outside world is daytime TV. This, along with people who talk about themselves non-stop, are his main pet hates. Ray says that if he could be reincarnated he would come back as a chicken!

09011 15 44 09
Scott spends his days working as a marketing co-ordinator but day-to-day office life has not stopped him dreaming of scoring a goal for his beloved Liverpool FC one day. In another life he'd like to be a doctor so he could save lives or failing that he'd be Kylie's dog. Good news for the other housemates is that Scott, whose idol is comedian Peter Kaye, describes himself as an easygoing chap who's always up for a laugh.

09011 15 44 10
Fashion graduate Sissy always wanted to be a pop star but when she realised she couldn't sing, did a degree in fashion and now works as a children's wear designer. Previous jobs included toilet cleaner and marketing assistant. She describes herself as witty and full of energy, but admits to being moody occasionally.

09011 15 44 11
27-year-old visual merchandiser Steph lives at home with her parents and two dogs. She loves EastEnders, Penny Smith from GMTV and is looking forward to cooking her speciality Jamie Oliver dish for the other housemates. She hopes her time inside the Big Brother House will help her sort out what she wants to do with her life.

09011 15 44 12
Tania works in fashion and describes herself as a bit of a "drama queen" who tends to make a big deal out of everything! If the 23-year-old stays in the House she'll be celebrating her next birthday there at the start of July.