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"America's Favorite Pastime
Includes the Blind and
Visually Impaired!"

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"We're Akron Ohio's
'Favorite' Beep Baseball Team!"

...also Akron's ONLY Beep Baseball Team!  


The Coventry South Sharks are one of the newest teams to enter into the National Beep Baseball Association's ( International Beep baseballLeague. Our Inaugural season is this, the 2003 season.

We're still in need of volunteers, and sponsors. If you are interested in either of those possibilities, please click the appropriate link on the left... or check out the additional details in the relevant questions on our FAQ section.

The Sharks are based in Coventry, Ohio. Coventry, or Coventry South, is a suburb of Akron, which is in Northeast Ohio (In the USA).

Beep Baseball is, basically, "softball with a twist." The ball beeps one tone, and the bases buzz in another tone, and all the outfielders and batters are blindfolded--to insure fairness in the game.

Beep Baseball, you may already know, is a sport for the blind and visually impaired, which allows them to play baseball, or more specifically, an adapted version of the game that is closer to softball.

It's a very fun and competitive time, and a great game to be a part of. Please come out and watch us some time! You can check out our calendar for our schedule of practices, games, and tournaments.

We are always looking for new players who are blind or visually impaired--ages 14 and older, men and women both. It's a "co-ed" league. It's fun for all!

If you'd like to get involved, we are always in need of volunteers, to help coordinate our events. You can help in a variety of ways--check our Volunteers section for specific details. We can use drivers, coaches, spotters, umpires, and more, if you'd like to help the team, and the sport, grow!

If you are thinking of starting a team, check out our resources section. There are sections on PR help, Fundraising, and also a list of online sources where you can source out equipment for your team.

If you play on a baseball or softball team in the Greater Akron area, including Kent, Canton, etc., we'd like to challenge you to a game of 'beep baseball.' We want to bring your team in and have you play a game or two with us, as we do--under blindfold!

It['s all to help the community learn that our brand new team is here, and to help others learn about this great game... as well as show that being blind or visually impaired is not the deciding factor in what stops one from doing what they truly want to. Blind and visually impaired people all over the world can be just as active and athletic as any sighted person... if they choose to be.

So, whether you are a part of a high-school or college league, or part of an independent league, we want to play your team. Firehouse teams, police teams, high-school and college, youth and adult teams, we want to challenge you all, and show you how the blind most definitely CAN, 'play ball.'

If you would like to find out more on this possibility, please contact us today.

If you need to contact us--for any reason--you can easily do so by e-mail or by phone, at (330) 745-7853.

We look forward to hearing from you!