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My Wolf's Rain Page

For all of you who like the tv show Wolf's Rain you have come to the right. All of you who havent seen it then check it out on cartoon network on Saterday at 12:30 p.m. or so.For those of you who dont know what wolfs rain is its where these wolfs try to find paridise but these wolfs can take the form of a human.They find a flower girl named chesa(yes she really is a flower girl)who was created in a lab.She is the one who can lead the wolfs to paridise she escaped the lab and the humans are searching for her.The characters names are also I have listed the characters wolf names,Kiba(fang),Hige(whiskers),Toboe(Howling),Tsume(claw).Below are what the characters look like in there human form and in there wolf form.