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You and me

You and me

Loving tenderly

Giving you all my love

Like being in Heaven up above

Walking side by side

Not taking a big stride

Holding you so tight in my arms

Charming you with my charms

Only you will be on my mind

Cause you're one of a kind

You're the one and only

Not making me so lonely

Being with you is all in the world

Cause you're my kind of girl

I am happy as can be

Loving you for all eternity

By: Herman Ladra

Hoa Co Mua Xuan

Nay la co non rat mem Nay mua xuan rat hien Nay la hoa rat thom Nay la giot suong triu nang Hat ngoc tren la co Tren bong tam xuan truoc hien nha

Vi em da biet anh chieu qua Nguoi em van thay khi nam mo, Nguoi hien kho de thuong

La vua dep trai nhat vung Den theo cung hoa co mua xuan Va mua xuan biet em, biet em da mang mot moi tinh Uo uo biet em , biet em the nen co hoa that la de thuong

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