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About Me/My Family


About Me/Family


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    I am Arnold Angeles and I am the owner of this website. I hope you like it. As you saw my picture is on the HOME page.  I learned how to do this from my Aunt! Her name is Jennifer Manual Angeles and am glad she taught me how to do this. I am 11 years old right now and I love using the Computer!!! I have a playstation2, and I am trying to get a network adapter so that I can play online with the game Socom 2 U.S. Navy Seals it is also a fun game!!! My hobbies are games, technology and sometimes I love watching movies.





About my family I have a great family and I love them all! I have a great Dad and Mom, their pictures will be on the Other cool stuff  site once I get some pics for it. I also have a grandmother I love her very much. I have an Aunt her name is Carol she a nice lady and she has a lot of money but she always says she is on a budget. My great grandfather and grandmother is still alive. I always like to go there to there house and they're daughter lives with them, her name is Mariazita Hernandez and she is also and great grandmother, I just call her Nene I don't know why but I just do. My Grandmother has a lot of siblings and I don't want to mention them I only mentioned two of them. Last I have a cousin and her name is Sarah Prompumtagorn and she is a girl sometimes she is always mad at me for no reason so that is it .