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Arbuckle PeeWee Football League

Welcome to the Arbuckle PeeWee Football League

Of Southern Oklahoma 2014
This league was founded in 1997 by some people to help introduce, educate, instruct, and enhance the enjoyment of football to kids in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. The program has been a great success in a short time. We currently have 5 teams involved in the league which includes Dickson, Kingston, Madill, Marietta and Plainview. We have had teams in the past in our league that included Ardmore, Atoka, Davis, Lindsay, Pauls Valley, Sulphur and Tishomingo.

League Commissioner is Tracy "Tank" Campbell. You can contact him at 580-222-1153. If you need to contact others in the league, please check the teams contact page.

All clock keepers should be running from the same page provided to program directors. We are using the junior high timing rules. For example, a runner out of bounds stops the clock, but once the ball is marked ready for play, the Referee should wind the clock.



If any new teams are interested in joining the league in 2015. Email me so that I can start reviewing that request.


I need to receive scores from all teams so results can be posted.

Failure to report scores will result in forfeit of game.

Please make sure that a copy of the Disclaimer, Assumption of Risk and Waiver Form is signed by each player and returned to the League office.

Thank you, Tracy

Scores and results from league games need to be sent to Tracy "Tank" Campbell EMAIL SCORES HERE or

TEXT Scores to 580-222-1153

Check League Fees link for Address to send League Fees


I hope this site is helpful for you to find information about the league. If you have any suggestions email me at

Thank you for visiting our page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!

***Check News and Update page for any new information***

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