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Anita Job - Front Door

Anita Job - Front Door

(Please Read!)

You are about to enter the Anita Job Website, which has many tools designed to assist you in your Job-Search in the local Eugene-Springfield-Lane County, Oregon area.

This Website has LOTS of resources and Web-Links to increase your access to Local Employment-Related information.

However, due to the nature of the Internet, and the POSSIBILITY of following Web-links (including the banner ads and links on THIS page) and those on any of the other pages contained in this Website, and eventually ending up at an inappropriate or possibly offensive Website...

ALL of the listed web-links or files, and ANY links you may follow from this website CANNOT be guaranteed to be operational, current, inoffensive, or to be free of ANY or ALL objectionable material...

... So... knowing this, IF you DO choose to use these resources, whether they be Weblinks, individual files or documents, YOU hereby agree to assume ALL responsibility for their usage, and hereby agree to use them at your own risk, by clicking on the: "Click HERE - for the Anita Job Home Page" weblink listed below.

Thank You.

I Agree -    Click HERE - for the Anita Job Home Page

I Do NOT Agree -    Click HERE - for Other Job-Search Resources

Best of Luck in your Job-Search!
- Anita

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