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Welcome to our site

Hi Welcome to Our Chat Webpage. Its a Start to something neither Shel or I have done in forever. So bare with us while we get started on a new site for our new server.

We have been thru alot in the past 4 years and decided we wanted to make a fresh start with a brand new server. Its a place to chat, have fun and talk about things with out all the fighting and other stupid IRC crap.

So Come In and Enjoy and Leave the IRC Drama to the other Servers. Come visit us, we reside in #chatzone.

We are currently linked with, and A group of wonderful People on all 4 servers. If you are looking for a link or just looking for a place to chat. Come and join Us. :)

Take Care and God Speed to all.

Sincerely Buzzie AKA Beth

Here are a few other links to enjoy.

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The Users

Please Visit and be warned =b Our Moto

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