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Within this page, I will let you know about some of my hobbies. Most of them

are the everyday type of hobbies that a 15 year old girl would have. Some of them

are a bit different, and I'll give you information on them.



I play basketball at Republic Michigamme high school. I'm on the Varsity team along with Kathryn Holsworth, Amber Holsworth, Laura Warlin, Lindsey Antilla, Rikki Travis, Shannon Stanolis, Kaylin Parkinson and Faren Granlund. We are a great team, and so far our record is 4-2. Somewhere in this site I'll post our schedule.


One of my most loved interests is music. I am very involved with music at my school and on my own time. I am a part of the High School/Middle School choir at R-M and the High School band. Also, I take piano lessons and have since I was 10 years old. Currently, I am in between teachers when it comes to piano lessons. If anyone knows of a good piano teacher, please let me know!


Well, I wouldn't consider my friends one of my interests, but I hang out with them quite often so it occupies my time. I love all of my friends so much and without them my life would be so in complete. Some of my best friends, such as: Lauren, Korin, Lacy, Angel, Nicole, Kaylin, Laura, and the list goes on, I spend most of my free time with. Yea, but this subject is kind of corny so I'll change it now.

The three hobbies stated above are the ones that are basically my life. They take up most of my time but there are a few other interests not mentioned.

bulletCollecting Tea Sets
bulletTalking on the computer