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Can Death Begin in the Colon?


Question: Can what you don't know destroy you?   Answer: Of course it can!

Dr. Joel Robbins, M.D. has put together a video in which he explains what he believes to be the number one cause of health problems and what can be done to alleviate them.

(This article represents a slightly abbreviated video transcript, done by Ursula Kulju).

Transcript Start:

When we take an Aspirin against a headache it goes away. Logic would tell you that you suffer from Aspirin deficiency. Yet there is no such thing as Aspirin deficiency. What has happened is that the symptom was treated but not the cause. The problem with treating only the symptoms of any disease is that the cause has not been eliminated, and while we are getting relief we continue to poison and weaken the body and the disease process continues.

The number one cause of health problems is autointoxication (self-poisoning). We poison ourselves, often out of ignorance, by our faulty life-styles. What is the most common cause of autointoxication? It's poor bowel function or poor colon health. Over 100 medical studies confirm this. Here are some very interesting facts about our colon:

From the Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain: More than 65 different health problems are caused by a toxic colon.

Dr. Anthony Bazzier a Professor of Gastrointerology in New York, concluded after a 25 year study of over 5000 cases that every physician should realize that the intestinal toxins are the most important primary and contributing causes of many disorders and health problems of the human body.

Now we know that the health of the colon does matter.


When we eat toxic food, a film can build up on the walls of our colon that hinders the absorption of nutrients. It then really does not matter how many supplements you take, you are not getting the benefit of your money. For every meal you should have a bowel function. One meal in, one meal out. The bowel movement should be effortless, odorless and well formed.

When a bowel gets sluggish, several meals back up in the large intestine and cause constipation which produces toxic bowel syndrome. The colon can become a cesspool of toxins that spill over into the body.

Question: What happens to the food when you eliminate only once every three days, once a week or even less often? Answer: The food rots in the colon and gets poison. Imagine what happens to a hamburger that you put into a zip lock bag and put it on your kitchen counter, and you just leave it there. It spoils and becomes toxic. The same thing happens in your colon with food that is not properly and regularly eliminated. One of the consequences of poor bowel function is diverticulitis or diverticulosis and this is when little pockets form that occur due to the stress of the colon not having regular bowel movements. Within these little pockets infections can occur. The sad part is that this is something that can be avoided simply by good bowel habits.

A stressed spastic colon hinders bowel functions and sets the stage of disease as old fecal matter remains in the colon for years. One of the most serious consequences of not taking care of the colon is something called a colostomy. The surgeon removes the colon, and the bowel contents pass out through a hole in the abdomen into a sack.

When a colon prolapses as a result of lack of food elimination, it puts pressure on the uterus of a female. The consequences of a prolapsed colon can be female infections, cysts and even struggles with reproduction. In the male notice the closeness in the proximity of the bladder and the prostrate. Some of the consequences of a prolapsed colon in the male can be prostate problems, reproductive problems, even lowered sex drive.

According to surveys, over 61 percent of the adult population is overweight. That is awful. There are several factors relating to toxic colon that can contribute directly to the weight problem:

Number one, toxic accumulation in the bowel. According to Doctor Carol Porter of Los Angeles, detoxification and permanent weight loss go hand in hand because it addresses the cause and not the symptoms. The colon can expand to up to five times its normal size. If waste is not eliminated in timely fashion this leads to a mega colon, an enlarged colon. A mega colon contributes five to seventy-five pounds of extra weight. This is certainly a cause of overweight. Did you know that
most people are walking around with at least seven pounds of fecal matter in their large intestine?

The next factor contributing to weight issues is the metabolism. The toxic byproducts from the colon can drain our bodies of energy. When those toxins get into the body they slow down the body functions, they slow down the cell metabolism, overburden the organs and glands, as a result of the lowered metabolism we don't burn the calories and we gain weight.

The real importance of removing toxic waste from the bowel is to stop damaging byproducts from recycling back into other body parts. Once the colon is clean the metabolism is more likely to work as it should, and when that happens a major obstacle to weight loss is eliminated. A clean colon aids in digestion and the ability to metabolize food. Many people are taking fat burners to increase their metabolism but what is wrong with that? The problem is that the metabolism is running slower due to autointoxication, due to bowel problems, that's what must be dealt with. Therefore these fat burners are not the ultimate answer.

Do you know anybody who has cellulite? This is another ugly consequence, often associated with excess weight and toxic bowel. Toxins are stored in an abnormal fashion in the fat layers of the body causing cellulite.

What is the solution to our health problems, to autointoxication and bowel problems? First let me tell you what the answer is not: It's not laxatives. Chemical laxatives do not fix the problem, they just cannot help the bowel function and heal like it's supposed to. Chemical laxatives work simply by
irritating the bowel, causing it to want to get that chemical out. That irritation contributes more to the very problem you are trying to overcome! The solution is to find a product that will not be just a
laxative, that will truly help the bowel clean itself out and tone itself up.

The product E... has been used with incredible success in the Mediterranean for over a hundred years and finally is available in North America (US, Canada). It is a combination of food herbs that feed the bowel, clean up the small intestine for better absorption, and tone up the large intestine for better bowel elimination. The beautiful thing about Experience is that it not only does the job, but as a persons continue to take it, they can take less and less of it to get the job done because it actually deals with the cause. It actually contributes to the total health picture.

Two Doctors, Doctors Fatterly and Elderich, reported that 518 cases of mental symptoms are connected to toxic bowel symptoms, including mental sluggishness, memory problems, loss of concentration, irritability, lack of confidence, excessive and useless worry, depression, and suicidal tendencies.

According to the Mayo Clinic, over 60 million Americans experience heartburn on a regular basis. What's so amazing is that heartburn, indigestion, and even acid reflux, are common symptoms of a toxic colon. Yet we keep ignoring the actual cause. To understand the full consequence of the toxic bowel syndrome, and constipation or autointoxication, we need to understand the main systems of elimination. There are five main avenues of waste elimination from the body. None of these avenues were designed to eliminate toxins.

The first avenue of elimination is the colon. Another condition that can result in toxic bowel syndrome is called mega colon. A mega colon is when the colon of normal size expands up to five times its normal size. This is simply due to poor bowel function, not eliminating in a timely basis. As a consequence, toxic debris sits in the colon for days, perhaps for weeks, we don't know how long. Do you know a person who's got a big gut, skinny legs, you look at that and
wonder what's going on there? Now you know!

How about halitosis, bad breath? That's another consequence of toxic bowel syndrome. This is where the toxins absorb into the body and they are exhaled through our lungs.

The next avenue of elimination is the liver. The liver is designed to filter the breath (debris?). If the colon becomes clogged up and we have this rotting material, it has to overflow somewhere, the liver is the first one to get it, and we have certain symptoms that can result from it - for example headache. This is simply the brain crying out because it doesn't like the toxic breath if the liver is
not filtering. This results in low energy, you can even have memory problems because if the blood is toxic we don't think as well, lower sex drive, cholesterol problems. The liver is the primary gate keeper of the blood fat, and if this is congested it can struggle to maintain our cholesterol level. We get joint problems and weight problems. Remember, these symptoms are all caused by toxins absorbing from the bowel.

The next line of defense is the kidney. If the colon, the first line of defense, is not able to handle it something else has to. Now we have the kidneys overloaded. We are going to have kidney problems. The consequence of that can be blood pressure problems, even lower back pain, you can have kidney infections, bladder infections.

The next avenue of elimination are the lungs. The lungs can also get in on the act of having to deal with some of these toxins.

We already mentioned bad breath, how about asthma, allergies, lung congestion, lung infections? Yes, believe it or not, they are a consequence of the toxins absorbed from the bowel. Even our skin - the skin is one of the largest organs of waste elimination in the body. But if the colon is backed up and the liver is backed up the skin becomes a relieve valve for the liver and for the kidney. So we are going to have skin problems, acne, excema, psoriasis, and so forth, all a consequence of poor bowel function.

E... is an amazing product. It contains no chemicals, it is 100% natural, and according to clinical studies, safe and effective. The most impressive is that it is listed in the Physician Desk Reference. This book is used by the medical profession and pharmacists. E... is one of the few all natural products featured in this book.

When talking about E..., there is something even better. It is called The Health Pak. It consists of E... and C.... C... consists of more than 200 all natural components, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential nutrients in a liquid form, easy to assimilate. The Health Package puts it all together, it addresses all the issues we dealt with, in helping the body restore itself to health. This program can make a difference of how you feel today and how your health will be tomorrow.

Let me ask you a question. If you are taking bathes and showers to keep the outside clean, why would you not want to keep the inside clean too? It just makes sense. The autointoxication process can lead to premature aging, never mind diseases. Remember, we age from the inside out, not the outside in. If you want to stay young and healthy, simply apply the principles of health as outlined in this text. These principles work. Dr. Robbins has tried them himself and he and others who have are reaping the health benefits. At 47 people still think that Dr. Robbins is in his 30's. It does work!

The responsibility for your health is up to you! Take that responsibility, no one else can do that for you! Get started on the products, take the other action steps outlined in this text, you have been armed with the truth. What you do is up to you. The choice is yours. Remember, health is a gift, disease is something that we earn!

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