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o5s78 [version first 3 months].
no matter what happens, we'll always be together; in our heart, mind and soul (:


horizontal pics :)

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the class    bernard and biondi    belle and weixuan    our flag (:    belle and cihan   

class item    makan    eating again.    makan AGAIN.    bernard and biondi   

bernard and weixuan    bernard weixuan and kelvin    on the way to newton    stomp    polar bear   

polar bear    singing session    spastic    stef and cihan    that thing YOU do.   

choreographerss (:    dancers    78 guys :D    painters.    preparing...   

zongyi and bernard    ying ying and kim.    belle sleeping!    boring lectures...    one and a half bananas.   

scandalous.    scandalous.    sunrise @ hci.    awx acting gay.   

vertical pics (:

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break dance :P    vincent and andy    CT rep sleeping!   

CNY celebrations :D

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stagee.    cny banner    mass dance.    MESS dance.    cny @ hci   

lion dance :)    morning assembly    cocktail for sale.    niiccee.    council chicken.   

our class banner!    supermaid aka CT Rep.   

STJ 2005


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