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The most recent addition to the family...
I purchased the gun used on eBay, and started tricking it out as soon
as I got it!  It's middle-aged, according to Mike at CCI,
probably a '95 Phantom or so.
At first glance, it's a pretty standard VSC with hardline, 45 grip
frame with Hogues, T-Stock, clear feed and Pump.

Internally, It's a much different beast.  Aside from the LAPCO Autospirit,
my Phantom has a Ghost bolt and 34g. hammer set.  So it's a freaky half-
breed, of sorts.  Hence, the "Phreak Ghost."

Bits I'm planning on adding soon are replacing the black trigger shoe
with a chrome one, and maybe getting a DYE Boomstick, only because
it'll look dead sexy under the clear pump.

I know you want 'em, so here's more pics!

And after:
the internals: