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E-Mail Aim:NeoX5000
HavicX: Webmaster
Yes, you would think I would be on the staff. Im the Webmaster of the site. I do all the programeing of the site, the GFX and the sprites. wow that sounds like a lot of work for just one person, but I like to do stuff. If I didn't i'd go nuts! @.@ wha, any way. Thats all I have to say about me. ^__^

E-Mail Aim:NeoSephiroth3000
Neo Sephiroth:Layout Maker
wow, this kid is going to be a lot of help to my site. Im on his staff for his page. He offerd to be a butten and banner person, and now hes going to do sprites to. I've seen his work and its soo cool! He makes the best animations i've ever seen. Go look at his site its cool.

E-Mail Aim:ColeMulgrew
Cole Mulgrew:Graphics and Anti-Hacker
This kid is so cool. He can sprite,Hack, And soo much more. He's also got some cool stuff that can help anyone make an A+ site. And im glad hes ging to be and anti-hacker for my site. I've seen many sites godown frome thouse sick hackers out there.