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Hay, this is the section were you can lern all about the man under the armer.

Ok. Lets get started. My name is Tom, I live in the most boring town in the world, and don't think other wise! As you can see Im obessed with Mega Man. I loved the game ever since I firest played it. Ahem any way, like I said, I live in the most boring town in the world . I live on Root 5 witch is the mose dangeris road in CT. That whats keeps me frome dieing of bordem! Some of my friends are Kevin, Shane, Mark, Josh & Josh, and every one I missed.

I started working on web pages when I was like 13, And I could never keep one going, But now I have this one. Im soo proud of my self, this is the site i've wanted. Its perfict and I love it. I hope it goes far. I'm going to make this site the best site it can posibly be.

I have 2 sisters, Kaite and Kelsey. Thay are the reson I have a computer in my room, so i can go upstares and shut my dore and leave my world behind. So I dont have to lissen to there constent arguments. Arrge well live has its trubels.

My favorit saying is "You have plenty of time to work hard, enjoy yourself."
Im a 15 Male, Singel (like that matters) I was born on November 18, 1985 ill be 16 this year. The music I like is rock! Cant get enough of rock, my favorit station is 106.9 WCCC The Rock.

well thats all I have to say about my self. So Ill talk to ya latter! ^__^