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Contests For Pork Guild!


The "I Love Pork!" guild features many interesting constests. Below are some contests to participate in.

Mau Codestone Give-A-Ways

Every month a Mau Codestone will be given out to each member of the guild to show thanks for showing interest and loving Pork! Although, you must post 5 messages on the message boards every month to receive your Codestone (NO SPAMMING. WILL NOT COUNT)!

Porky Quiz Question

Quiz Questions about Pork. All Multiple Choice! LilAznGurl_821 and Qbot_Rules win the third quiz question and win a Duck Neck! Next question is up! Neomail marshmall0w with your answer! Winner receives the international breakfast called Hot Cakes!

What is the name of my Pig superhero that I created when I was 11?

A.)Hog Boy

B.)Pork Man

C.)Peter Porker

D.)Oink Boink


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