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Recent News:
June 5th, 2003Sorry but I forgot to tell you fans that your match requests are up. It was a difficult night with Kyle and Pat showing up out of nowhere. Damn punks. Oh well, I thought Pat would be good so I wanted to play him but he sucks terribly and Kyle is better than him. But they both suck anyways so it ruined a lot of play time. They are in the New Movies, Special Matches, Requests Volume. You'll notice it's changed now, requests and special matches are seperate. Anyways, I put an announcement on the board just in case. I would prefer that you watched your own but some of them are really good. I just hope everyone gets to see their requests. Sorry to Fatality, I promise we'll make yours on Saturday. And ummmm....not sure what else there is to say for now except that I'm trying to fix some videos.

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