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Russian Blue Show #1

Hi everyone! My full name is Rc. GP's Secret Agent Man, but you can call me David. I'm the host of the first Russian Blue Show here at Gemini Petz. Before you enter, take a look at the rules and regulations. Thanks!

1. Russian Blues only! They can be different colors than the traditional blue, and they can be multi-colored or solid.

2. If your Russian Blue is hexed or rare-colored, it must at least have the shape of a Russian Blue -- no fuzzies or abnormal shapes allowed!

3. Show pose required.

4. No clothes allowed (bows are fine, but you have a better chance of placing without one).

5. Only 2 entries per person, please.

Send your entries to Alyssa with the following information...

Catz show name

Catz call name

Your email

Picture - ATTACHED to email! Do not insert in email, please!

Thanks, and good luck! The shows will be judged once ten entries are recieved.

6/10 entries

FF's Whisper

SBKC'S Keep it Plain and Simple

SHC's Chip Off the Old Block

SHC's Wildflower

Ch. Lakeshore's Coco Puffs

Lakeshore's Razzle Dazzle

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