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Point System

When your cat or dog places in a show, he or she recieves points. Here is the standard system of points and how to use them in your show name:


Best in Show: 5 points

First Place: 4 points

Second Place: 3 points

Third Place: 2 points

Honorable Mention: 1 point


5 Points: Reserved Champion (Rc.)

10 Points: Champion (Ch.)

15 Points: Grand Champion (GCh.)

20 Points: Master Grand Champion (MGCh.)

30 Points: Supreme Grand Champion (SGCh.)

How to Use these Titles

We'll take Alyssa's Russian Blue, David, as an example. David earned 5 points by recieving First Place and Honorable Mention in two showz, which means he can take the title Reserved Champion. So, his show name now looks like this:

Rc. GP's Secret Agent Man

The "Rc." comes before the website's initials. This is the same for all of the titles!

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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