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A L O H A   and   M A H A L O

Aloha and Mahalo are two of the most widely used words of the Hawaiian language. You hear these words everyday and almost everywhere in Hawaii. All residents of our beautiful islands - the young and the old, the rich or the poor, Hawaiian or not ... they all know these two words by heart.

Aloha means many different things. It can be used to say hello, goodbye, welcome, love, good wishes, and also to express compassion and caring affection. It is a word which easily rolls off one's tongue like the soft breezes and gentle waves that come to our beautiful islands.

Mahalo simply means thank you. Just as in any other language, it is used to express gratitude or appreciation ... as for a gift, a favor, and the kindness or generosity of others.

With these two words, allow me therefore to extend to you warm greetings of aloha and mahalo for visiting this Web site. Hopefully, this visit of yours will not be the last one and that you will be back many more times yet.

Juny Pilapil La Putt
Bsce, Ms, Pe

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