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It is hoped that you will also find time to physically visit our beautiful island paradise soon for it will prove to be an exciting and memorable experience.

See the current traffic flow in different streets, freeways, and other areas of Honolulu


Oahu, known as the "gathering place," is the most populous and the most popularly visited among the Hawaiian islands. Approximately 608 square miles in area, more than 872,000 people or approximately seventy-five percent of Hawaii's population live in this island.

The cosmopolitan City of Honolulu, which is the state capital and the business, political, economic, and cultural center of the Pacific, is located in Oahu. It is also the home of the "hula," swaying coconut trees, surfing, and an ethnically diverse group of people.

The island's most famous landmark is Diamond Head. Oahu has 112 miles of coastline, including the two-mile long Waikiki which is the most famous stretch of beach in the world. Pearl Harbor, the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial, National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, America's only royal palace, and various other beautiful tourist attractions are all found in this island.

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Enjoy your virtual tour of Oahu. Aloha and Mahalo for visiting.

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