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[Release Date - September 5th]

R Shiva Srivatsav

Cast Madhavan, Meera Jasmine, Raghuvaran and Atul Kulkarni
Genre Romantic Adventure/Action
Runtime 3 hours
Producer/Banner A.M.Rathnam/Sri Surya Movies
Director Lingusamy
Music Director Vidhya Sagar
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The other hero in this film apart from our cute hero Madhavan is the screenplay of the movie. Only that Madhavan is not just doing the lover boy role but also plays the role of a man who believes more in action than just mushy words. So if you are wondering what is different about the story? It is probably a already-heard-kind simple formula of a guy trying to the win the love of a woman he is loves against her hooligan brother. But what makes it different is the way Madhavan goes about winning Meera Jasmine's heart. Madhavan has been given more scope for action in this movie than compared to his previous other movies. But this doesn't mean he has done extra graphically oriented stunts that go against any laws of physics. He plays the role of a guy who uses his brains and brawns to materialize his love. The different approach instead of the usual beat-the-brother approach in the last scene when Madhavan kidnaps Meera in a challenge to her brother is fresh and appreciable. You start anticipating each scene as to what would be Madhavan's next plan to defeat Meera Jasmine's brother. Atul Kulkarni has played the role of Meera Jasmine's brother. Raghuvaran and Anu Hassan play the role of Madhavan's brother-in-law and sister. In this movie Madhavan is a typical down south guy who has come down from his native to do his education in Chennai. From studies to romance and action his role comes full circle. Another character that you would appreciate in this movie is Jeeva's cinematography that is excellent and a visual treat to the eye apart from Meera Jasmine. The songs of Vidyasagar are foot tapping and youthful.

Madhavan who seems to be tired of running around trees and flashing his killer smile is now all set to run on a different track with Meera Jasmine in the movie 'Run'. All of them, most of the young heroes of recent have taken up the sword to fight injustice and crime, if not fighting crime they are atleast swinging their baton against crime. Following the trend and a little late to the bandwagon is Madhavan and his movie 'Run'. The movie run is a romantic adventure with more of action. The stills of the picture 'Run' show Madhavan with all serious expressions sans his attractive incisor tooth-exposing smile. Raima Sen was initially cast as the heroine but she was later dropped for the young Malayalam actress Meera Jasmine with a girl-next-door look. With what is little known about the movie, it is Madhavan running away from some criminals for his life. He meets Meera Jasmine while on his chase and falls in love with her. From there on the race continues with both of them joining hands. The movie which was slated to be released in July 2002 has been postponed to August 2002.

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