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LightHouse Group
Pagans For The Reformation Of Paganism

Hello and Welcome. Thank you for taking an interest in this site and the movement birthed from it.

If you have anything what-so-ever to do with Paganism or the Pagan community, you need to join this group!

If you are new to Paganism - welcome. Please join us and aquire information that will help you on your journey.

If you are not new to Paganism - welcome. May this be the next step on your evolutionary spiritual journey. May you use the information here to widen your perspective.

If you are already an 'enlightened' Pagan - WELCOME! Finally, a web home for those looking for common ground and a movement to start the reformation of the Pagan community as we know it. A lot of work needs done, so please, let us know if you are interested in helping!

The LightHouse Group was establlished for many reasons - the primary reason being to enlighten those on "the path" about the misinformation campagin aimed at the Pagan community worldwide and creating steps to change it. Curious? Please continue.....




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