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Classified information: Bio: Silverback


Quote:"I take any attack against this company personally."

Meet Silverback. Former right hand man and person bodyguard to Richard Arcadia, Milo Demiris was a man that was trusted with ever little dirty secret that was house in the towers of Arcadia Enterprises. Demiris loyal, trustworthy, and as good as they get. However he was not good enough to protect himself.

After an attack on Arcadia Enterprises by Overkill, Demiris went one on one with the cyborg killing machine. Demiris was holding his own for a time but eventually Overkill's brute force, superior strength, and bloodlust were too much for him. Demiris was critically wounded in the battle but not before fending off Overkill and returning to the Arcadia School of Higher Enducation in New York City.

Over the next year, Demiris under went numerous surguries and rehabliitation to get back on his. During this process, Demiris, under the consultation of Richard Arcadia, underwent some cybornetic implants of his own. Not a mutant by nature and having no special powers, Demiris has always counted on his speed, guile, intelligence, and experience to aid him in what ever may come. Demiris knew he was now out of his league and if he wanted to stay in the game it was time to do something about it.

The cybernetic implants in his body were a total replacment of his muscle tissue with a light weight, high density fiber cable that is much like muscle in it's feel and use but is several times stronger and equally as resistant than normal human muscle tissue.

That being done and with months of rehab behind him, Demiris took a look at himself in the mirror and realized that he was nothing like he was before. He didn't even look the same. It was then the Milo Demiris died and he took on the name Silverback as his physical form and strength are now comparable to that of a silverback guerilla.

Upon, his return back to Arcadia Enterprises, Silverback was placed in charge of a group of Richard Arcadia's personel security team. They came to be known as The Entourage as they travel with Arcadia everywhere he goes and performs those tasks that need to get done with no questions asked.

The man now known as Silverback still retains the same loyalties, compassion, and skills that he did as Demiris, however now as Silverback and head of the Entourage he is a force to be dealth with and an asset to Arcadia Enterprises.

Profile: Silverback


Real Name:
    Milo Demiris


    Bodyguard, Board Member to Arcadia Enterprises.

    6' 3"

    325 lbs

    No natural powers by mutation or accidential exposure to chemicals.

Implants or Cybernetics:
    Muscle tissue replaces with cybernetic muscle fiber giving hom increased strength and resistance to pain.

Strength Level:
    Tested to be able to lift approximately 5 tons at his max.

    Cybernetics have given Silverback a high threshold to pain. Silver back has no resistances to anything else and the pain threshold can be exceeded.

Weapon of choice:

    Arcadia Enterprises. Sub-group "The Entourage"