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Classified information: Bio: Overkill

Quote:"Your life is mine. Not that you had a choice in the matter but I thought I would let you know."

I am Overkill and this is my story.

Chances are that if you are reading this I am either dead or you have some how managed to hack in to my Neuro-transceiver. Pray that I am dead if you are reading this.

My birth name is unimportant. Know this though, I was born in the year 1970 to a very wealthy and caring family. My childhood was a good one. My parents didn't abuse me. No one killed themselves. No one left me. In other words, everything I have done in my adult life has been by my own doing. No one had any role in it. So all this psycho-babble about bad childhoods can be tossed out.

I became "different" at the age of 17. I had always been strong then most in my youth. Strong, faster, smarter and I took fully advantage of my stature. But I no idea I was a mutant at the time. I held no contempt for their kind but I had nomercy for them either. To me they were just like everyone else.

Shortly after I graduated from school, I got involved with some people that were not the most vertuious. After running with this crew for some time, the law caught up with us. I was arrested for assult with intent to commit bodily harm. Ironically, it was my crew that pressed the charges against me as I defend the mutant they were attempting to kill. The judge in my case saw that as an act of valor and gave me a choice: Do time or join the military. I joined the military at 18 and was assigned to a recon team. My latent mutant abilities began to manifest themselves a bit more but not enough to be detected.

Over the course of the next year, I was trained in the martial arts, demolishions, guerilla warfare, sabotage, and all the other wonderful thing that you only hear about in rumors and in Hollywood movies. I was then recruit by Del Perez of the NSA along iwth four other people to transfer from my branch of the armed services and join up with the NSA. Perez became a mentor to us. He molded us and taught us the secret to not only detroying everything in our paths but how to win the war without leaving traces. After our training we were formed in to one of the NSA's Black Ops covert teams, codenamed: Raptor.

It was at this time that my mutant abilities truely came out. My strength, speed, senses all increased. I even had the ability to fly. The NSA seemed to have had some knowledge of this and did not oppose this either. Infact they looked at this as another weapon in their already impressive arsenal. I did not oppose either. I mean, I was a mutant. Were else would I find I job and what else did I know. The NSA was my life.

We ran mission upon mission, until one day Perez was killed in action. I took this hard. Perez had become a good friend to me. In his honor I changed my name to his. This was the begining for me. From there out, every mission that we went on was meet with extreme prejudice. Everything that I targeting to take out was taken out and then some. It was not too long that I was discharged from the NSA for my methods. The government did not charge me with anything but they did disavow any service I had provided them except for my prior military service claiming that the time I spent with the NSA was "really in Embassy Duty".

After my discharge, I spent some time wondering the world. I sought out adventure. It was here that I met up with a group called Overpower. The group was a para militay organization that was intent on fighting injustice. In my lost and self piting era, I fought for their cause. I even allow myself to have a brief "interlude" with one of its members Tella Daybreak. I thought I had found my niche in the world. I was wrong.

I was recalled to active duty by the NSA, and little did I know it by a man I would vow to destroy, Richard Arcaida. It would seem that Arcadia has more pull in the US government then even the most powerful people in elected office would dream. The mission was a simple one. Destroy a group of terrorist that had some bad plans for the world. I had no problem with that. A noble cause right? Wrong. It turns out that this group of "terrorist" was a rival company of Arcadia Enterprises.

We took the place out alright. And sustained 100% casualties. This rival company had some bite of its own in the form of hired mercenaries and drug lords. I was shot, tortured and left for dead. I refused to die. I sought vengence. Vengence against those that put me in that place, those that left me for dead, and those that would not do anything. Dispite my resolve, I would have died were it not for the fact that someone came and found my body. Robotics engineers and scientist from none other then Arcadia Enterprises.

I was taken... somewhere. I have little recollection of what had happen except for what I saw in the operation video some time laters. My limbs were useless, major organ and tissue damage. The very fact that I was alive was unknown. But since I was and there was no one there to enforce any laws of the Geneva Convention, I was fitted for cybornetic implants. I became a metallic monster with an arsenal. To this day, I have no idea why I was created like this but at this point I really don't care. This was the first of my transfermations.

My mutant abilities were gone. But in place, I was given the ability of flight, cloaking, disruptor, personal shielding, nanits that regenerate my body when damaged, small but powerful missiles, artillery, tendrils, and on board computers that analyze everything imaginable as well as maintain my need for life support in my armor. With all of this power I was given the name of Overkill. Not a bad trade off considering the option was death. This gave me the means to seek my vengence. And vengence was all I had on my mind.

Arcadia Enterprises had other plans for me. I was to be the prototype for a new military weapon. One that was purged of individuality and follow orders. They picked the wrong man for the job. During the transfer process I fought back and won my freedom. I then sought out those that "killed" me and thanked them for allowing me to become what I had became. Having done that I was free to persue something else. The group that I was formerly a member of, Overpower.

They let me down. With all of the technology they had, they knew were I was at. They could have pervented this from happening but they didn't. More worried about their petty problems then the life of a team mate. Fine. They play their games and I play mine. I hide in the shadows for a while. Taking out those I did not deem worthy of existance. Leaving calling cards of a sort and cause havoc as my harbinger. Then I went public.

I was dismayed that Overpower had broken up. But to my pleasure, members of Overpower had taken up positions with Arcadia Enterprises. I am now able to kill two people with one shot. Or is that birds and stones. It doesn't matter. I no longer had the compassion, mercy and sympathic that lead me to my past state of weakness. I was now free to do as I saw fit and there was nothing to stop me. I would have my vengence on those that let me down and on my new "creators".

Once the former members of Overpower knew of my existance the battles were not far behind. Daybreak, Miya, Fuz. I was intent on destroying them all and everything they hold dear. Including their little school. They have each felt my pain. Fuz, by crucifiction, Miya by pain and Daybreak by my existance and threat to her school. And all the while Arcadia Enterprises pays dearly both in direct and indirect fashions.

During one of my last battles with this group, I was once again fatally wounded. I fled and sought refuge. My body became to repair itself but this time it repaired in ways that it never did before. The nanits that flow with in me began to merge the cybornetics and metals with what was left of my flesh. I became more human and less robot. This was a side effect that I don't think even my creators forsaw.

This change also affect my powers once again. I lost the tendrils, artillary, and missles. My disruptor became a weapon to be used for defensive and offensive purposes. My skin became a living metal that actually feels. This can be both good and bad. My cloaking power is now an ability not a device. My strength has yet to be tested to its fullest. My ability to fly I have gauged to hit around Mach 1 for limited spurts. My on board computer system operates in its same fashion oddily enough. The nanites still do their thing but I no longer have the personal shield. And of course, I can now eat real food.

This changes little if anything at all. I still hold everyone in contempt. What a surprise it will be with they find out I still live. May someone have mercy on their souls because I sure as hell won't.

Profile: Overkill

  • Real Name: Classified

  • Alias: Del Perez, Kombat, presently Overkill

  • Age: Earlier 30's

  • Height: 6' 6"

  • Weight: 375

  • Powers & Cybornetics: Currently, Overkill's powers are a merger of his body and cybornetics by the nanits in his blood stream. His powers are as follows:
  • Nanotech blood cells: This repairs or regenerates damage sustained by Overkill. This has no offensive use.

  • Flight: Overkill has the ability to fly at top speed of 400 mph. This is Overkill's primary means of travel.

  • Disruptor: Overkill's main offensive and defensive weapon. The disruptor can be used to blast targets and deflect other energy attacks. Other stunts performed by the disruptor are unknown as this time.

  • Cloaking: Overkill can cloak at will causing the light around him to bend leaving a "ripple" affect around that is noticed by very few if anyone at all. Water will disrupt the cloaking feild bring Overkill in to plan view. Overkill cannot fire his disruptor while cloaked.

  • On Board Computer System: 60% of Overkill's brian capacity is controled by an on board computer system in his cranial cavity. This computer system regulates everything from life support, tactical and analitical data, tracking (infra red, night, limited x-ray usually for medical purposes) and everything else that is part of Overkill.

  • Strength: With his body armor, Overkill now has augmented strength. Overkill's strength limit ranges approximately 10 tons.

  • Metallic Skin: Overkill's skin is in truth metal. But metal that looks and feels like anyone elses skin. This metal is sustained by the nanotech in Overkill's bloodstream and is high resistance to energy, projectile, fire, cold, and electric attacks. His resistance is not exteneded to electro magnetic pulses, EM disruptors, psychic attacks, or sonic blasts.

  • Energy Consumption: Although in his current state Overkill can consume food, Overkill still needs to maintain high energy levels and does this by consuming energy either though converting energy blasts in to power or through feeding through other energy sources.