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Delgado Information Network

People have often asked me what is my stance on a particular issue. This is what this page is all about. I would be more then happy to debate them in greater detail if you wish. But for now this is my position.


Let's face it, folks. The genie is out of the bottle and it is not going back in. I think anyone who is so oppose to abortion is not dealing in the real world. As much as we may not like the idea of it being around we have to deal with the fact it is not going away. This does not mean it cannot be restricted.

There are 5 situations were I would be in full supoort of abortion: (1)Rape, (2) Incest, (3) When the live of the mother is in danger, (4) If the child were to be born with a birth defect so serve that it would be extremely damaging for the child and family, and (5) In and only in the first trimester.

Some people think I go to far in having my position on abortion cover this much. But again as I stated abortion is here and it is not going on away. The alternative to having abortions legal and regulated is to have them illegal and in some back alley butcher shop which would bring the mortality rate even higher for mother.

Now this all being said, I think it is important to note one thing: DISPITE WHAT THE U.S. SUPREME COURT SAID IN ROE V. WADE THERE IS NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT FOR WOMEN TO HAVE ABORTIONS!!! Period. End of debate there.

Affirmative Action

Words cannot describe how much I hate this issue. I mean to me it is a very disguisting thing. I would much rather get beat down, raked over some coals, and bound and quartered. The very idea of affirmative action is an insult to people like me these days.

I will not dispute the fact that affirmative action did do some good when it was started. It helped get people in the door who were equally qualified with whites but did not get jobs because of their skin color. I will agree with that. But the problem today is that affirmative action is outdate and has become a crutch for those who do not have any skills to jobs that require that one have those skills.

Affirmative action to me says: "You know we are going to give you this job. We realize that you need our help because without us you cannot get a job like this without our assistance." In otherwords, whatever my skills are, whatever my merits are, whatever my abilities are, mean nothing. Because I am a minority that is reason for me to get a job and not my qualifications? Thanks but no thanks.

Many people will say that there are still racist people out here who will discriminate based on color when it comes to job hiring. This is true but not as much as a lot of people would like to believe. But many people do not care what color you are so long as you help them and their company make another color: $$ Green $$

Animal Rights

Let's get a few things straight here. Domestic animals have a right not to be mistreated, to be fed, and sheltered. I have no problem there.

Research animals have no rights. Period. The research and what is found is more valuable to human beings than is the life of tha research animal.

Wild animals should be hered up and impounded if they are in urban areas and an equalibrium should be established between people and wild animals if you live in rural areas.

Animals such as cows, pigs, lambs, ducks, and other animals that we eat they have a right to be fed and sheltered until it is determine that they should slaughtered for food. Their deaths should be quick and painless. But it is very important to note that these animals do not have the same rights as human beings. Bottom line. So all you PETA folks out there go graze on some lawn or something. I'm going to sit back here and eat my steak dinner and still out live you.

There is something that I believe needs to be addressed when it comes to animal rights. There are many people that think that abusing an animal should be a felony. I think that is a bit much especially when you consider there are some jurisdictions where the punishment for hurting an animal is worse then the punishment for abusing a child. This is wrong. We need to get our priorities straight here.

Yes, I think people who abuse animals are horrible people and need to be punished. But those who abuse children to the point of maiming or killing them are just plain monsters and need to be locked up forever or have the death penalty issued out to them where applicable.


I believe that Sept 11th, 2001 has taught us many things. The one thing that liberals are fearing and that conservatives on the national scene appear to be shying away from is that illegals need to be booted out of this country A.S.A.F.P.!!!

Some of these folks that were involved in the WTC bombing of both 93 and 01 were here and student visas. The kick in the pants is that these people did not attend any kind of school while here. And no flight school does not could when you consider they were signed up for community colleges.

Couple this on top of the fact that we as a nation are being over-ran with illegal Mexicans that are still crying over the land issues of the 1800's. Those who favor this have no problem stating outright that they plan on taking over places like California and Texas. This is wrong. We need to tighten up. And if need be, start using lethal force again.

Campaign Finance Reform

Let's see. The media as a whole is liberal. So they will air liberal stories that make liberals appear the good guys. And while they do this they will have liberals on all the talk shows which will cost these liberals no money at all. Follow me so far?

Meanwhile, conservatives will continue to get bad media press, won't get equal time on air (check the Media Research Center to verify this if you doubt it), and will not get to spend their money from people who contribute to them to promote their cause.

Well, to me this sounds like giving up your M-16A2 Service Rifle for a sling-shot in the middle of a war.

Bad idea all the way around. McCain should be ashame of himself for co-sponsoring this. But then again, McCain is more a liberal then a conservative so it should come as no surprise.


You know there is a time and place for everything. While I love the good smut, action, blow them up, violent things on tv I think they should be shown as certain times at night and not when kids are up. But the bottom line here is that parent have a higher responsibility to safe guard what their kids watch. This is not the job of the media, music, tv, newpaper, or anyone else. This is the parents job.

That being said, I think it is good that we have guidelines as to what is aired at certain times during the day. I personally think they are fine. Moving them one way or the other I think will really tip the balance and cause more troubles then people are able to deal with.

Church-State Issues

And I quote:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Now if you can tell me where it says here or anywhere else in the U.S. Constitution where it talks about a separation of church and state I will concede to your point. Until then get with the program folks.

There is no thing as a separation of church and state. All there is here is that Congress shall not make an state sponsored religion. That's it.

Don't you just really hate it when people start seeing things that are not in the U.S. Constitution?

Death Penalty

There was a time when the Death Penalty was a deterant to crime. That was before criminals stopped caring one way or the other if they live or die.

I believe that those who say that the death penalty is to deter crime are wrong. It is not.

What the death penalty is today is punishment pure and simple. It is a punishment that we as a society give to a person who has committed a crime so heinous that we have said they have given up their right to live. This is not the same as murder. There are difference.

The criminal in this case was tried, convicted, and placed on death row with the possibility of all the appeals. This is more then the people that criminal were afforded.

I believe that it is morally wrong not to support the death penalty. By not doing so, we are condoning the acts of these criminals and sheltering them for life, giving them education benefits, teaching them a trade, and wasting tax dollars. People like this cannot be reformed. If that is so, let's see what happens when a ex-con released from prison, who happened to have murdered someone, moves next door to you. How well will you take to them?

Drug Policy

Can we say lack of enforcement? That is what is happening on this so called war on drugs. If we were really serious, we would increase security on our borders and fight these people, be they in state or aboard, as mean and ruthless as they are with us.

Nothing good can come out of legalizing any drugs and this goes for marijuana. I know people who swear by it. Yet they would see tobacco outlawed. What strikes you odd here?

I believe that we need to be harder on drug criminals. I am talking about hard labor prisons and longer and truer sentences. None of this early parole mess.

Yes, there are some people who have gotten mixed up and made some bad choice. And to them, we owe it to them to aid them as a society. But this does not mean we have to give them 5-Star hotel treatment. Detox them and make life so hard they do not ever want to come back again.

Flag Burning

I spent 3 and a half years a member of the United States Marine Corps. I am currently working on going back to active duty as a member of the United States Coast Guard.

I have two bald eagles on my body as tattoos and an American flag as well. I hear the national anthem of the U.S. and see the American Flag and I get overwhelmed with emotions at times thinking of the greatness of this nation.

That being said, I believe that flag burning should be legal as it is a form of political protest. If we outlaw this then what else do we outlaw? Protesting leftlets? Websites like this? Think about it.

Now as I said this is a form of protest. So it should be legal also for those of us who are against flag burning to react. So if you plan on burning the flag of the United States of America do not be surprised is the anti-flag burning crowds form of protest is beating the crap out of the flag burners.

Gun Control

Let me tell you what gun control is: It is a steady hand, controled breathing, and trigger control. That is it. Nothing more.

This idea that we need tougher gun laws or that we should make laws to outlaw guns altogher like English and other socialist places is insane. The Second Amendment allows us the right to bear arms. If we are unarmed and the military is all that is left what happens if we had to deal with a tyrant in the White House?

Furthermore, who would abid by gun control laws? I'll tell you who, law bidding citizen. Criminals do not now, what makes you think they will then. And if we cannot get the guns off the streets now what makes anyone think they can get them once guns are outlawed?

Something tells me the gun control groups of this nation are not thinking on this issue but rather feeling. And when you starting feeling on an issue your position well always be a weak one. Pro gun control just makes an example of that.

Hate Crimes

Gays getting beat and killed by straight folks. Minorities getting beat and killed by white folks. People of other religions getting beat, killed, and having their places of worship vandilized. White folks getting... wait! White people do not factor in to this or had you not noticed?

All of this bad. Do not get me wrong. I do not think that anyone should be beat, killed, harmed, or their property messed with because of their sexual orientation, religion, race, of whatever. But just because one of these people happen to have some horrible thing like this happen to them that does mean their lives are anymore important then that of a white person.

And that is what this boils down. People who kill a straight white male will not get nearly as much jail time or bad press as somoene who goes out and killed a black gay person. This is wrong.

Life is equal across the board. Murder is murder no matter how you slice it when it comes to things like this. The fact that the person killed is gay or a minority does not give justification for stiffer jail time over other people. By doing this we are saying that we place a higher value on their lives then anyone else.

And that is just wrong.


What else did September 11th of 2001 teach us? We need to put caps on immigration period! Not just with illegal aliens (and that is what they are, not "undocumented people") from Mexico, but from all countries.

One of the things that has puzzled me over the years is that if the United States of America is such a bad country then why are so many people from other countries trying to come over here.

We need to allow those who go through the proper chanells the chance and previledge to be Americans. And those who come here illegally that are already showing a disregard for our laws must be deported immediately. Having over 300,000 people in this country still that have been orderd to be deported but are still in this country is unacceptable!


8 years of military downsizing. I saw good Marines get booted out for small petty offenses, for being a pound or two over weight, or just because they need to downsize. I saw military facilities get shut down and supplies strink so low that no one could be expected to work with them.

At one time our military goals were to be able to fight on two major offenses at one time. Today we cannot even do that. Thank goodness we now have a Republican as president to help correct these things.

Remember that our military is a volunter military. And yet we get the worse of the worse when it comes to pay, stands of living, and food.

Don't this so? Well go verify this for yourself but know that there are 4 levels of food consumption:

  • Fit for human consumption
  • Fit for prison consumption
  • Fit for military consumption
  • Fit for animal consumption
  • There is something very wrong when prison food is much better then that being feed to military personal.

    I am not saying that military personal should be made rich but they deserve more. And as a nation we deserve the best from them when it comes to defending our nation. This means the best training, education, weapons, aircrafts, supplies, and anything else you can think of.

    This is the price we pay for the freedom that we enjoy. Even if you are not a pro military person think about it the next time you protest them. And know that they are all that is standing between you and a government that is willing to shut you down.

    Minimum Wage

    I believe that we are all entitled to a good wage. That is if you warrent it and can earn it.

    I do not believe that the government has the right to dictate how much a business can or cannot pay its people. Business will try to pay as low as they can no doubt. But they will also pay through the nose for quality people.

    Do not force the issue. The market will take care of that. Otherwise why do you think there are part of the country where one can make $9 or $10 an hour flipping burgers at McDonalds?

    Missile Defense System

    First, I am so glad that we are pulling our of the 1972 ABM Treaty. Take a look at it and note that it is a treaty between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Not Russia.

    That being said, I will concede that a missle defense system would not have prevented the events of September 1th of 2001. No question there. But the missle defense system is not for that. It is to stop intercontinential missles from reaching our shores.

    How someone can be oppose to protecting ourselves is beyond me. It makes no sense. If we can blast a nuke out of the air before it hits what is the harm in that. Imagine all the lives saved. But I guess some people are not that progressive in their thinking.

    Racial Profiling

    This is going over board. All of this anti-racial profiling that is. I mean if you are in the inner city the chances of a crime being committed by a black male in his middle to late 20's, wearing baggy clothing is very high for a whole host of crimes.

    The same can be said about someone who highjacks an aircraft. They will usually be of middle eastern decent, somewhat educated, in their 30's, and appear to be a loner.

    We need to realize that there are profiles that work that give police officers and other law enforcement officers a tip as to who is doing what crimes. This does not mean it is open season on every black "hip-hop looking" kid, middle eastern male, or white trash guy.

    Police have an instinct for such things. We sit here and critize what they do and how they do it. What we are failing to see is that for every crime they prevent we will not know because they stopped it and often times from racial profiling.

    If you have nothing to worry about then don't worry. I am a Puerto Rican male and I drive an SUV. I have never been pulled over by any law enforcement offical because of the fact that I am Puerto Rican. Each time I have been pulled over it was because I was speeding. Or am I just one of the lucky ones? I doubt that since I have never had a disrespectful officer pull me over in that regard.

    Social Security

    Social Security had its time. However as it is now by the time those of us are in our 20's reach the age to collect it will not be there. Look at the numbers and tell.

    So why not just let us opt out if we want. There was not social security before the 1930's or 40's and people survived just fine without. Of course families were much stronger back then too. But I think we can do fine without today. Especially when we take in to account that this will be in our hands. In otherwords, we will be solely responsible if we have money for the future or not. And that is the way it should be.


    First off I believe that we are taxes too much right now as it is. I mean what kind of world do we live in where the wealth, that work their tails off for their money, are punished for their success by being taxed to death?

    Oh yes, they get rich off the backs of the lower class? Well how about this, they are getitng rich because they are able to provide employment for those people. No one ever thinks about that. And that is what they need to look at. Without them rich folks out there getting richer, there would be no one to employ us people looking for jobs. No one every boths to consider that.

    So recognize that when ever liberals and democrats want to take the life out of the rich they are preventing those people from opening new stores or hiring more people or from giving raises to their employees.

    Thinking of that makes you feel pretty dumbing for wanting to tax the rich, doesn't it?


    What a bunch of wastes of flesh there.

    One of my goals is to get one of these people or better yet a vegan and check out their place. Scout out all the leather in their house, their shows, and clothing. Once I point that out to them I want to take them out to a steak house and have a good meal and watch them eat every bite of it minus the salad.


    I just do not like how these people are always getting on us about how "Meat is Murder" and how animals have the same rights as we do.

    Sorry, they don't. Well, I am not sorry but you get the point. They are animals. I mean let's look at this. There are animals here for a reason. To be our food. Why some folks do not get this, I do not know. Perhaps a good steak dinner will help them think clearly.

    Weapons Disarmament

    What a joke. I should not even have to talk about this.

    This is like cutting off ones hands so they cannot fight back or defend ones self. It makes no sense at all.

    There is a say that says "To secure peace is to prepare for war". And that is true to this day.

    The botton line is that there are nations out here that would love to see the end of the United States of America. We have seen that time and again. But they would not dare attack us if they knew that retailiation from us would ensure the destruction of every trace of their existance.

    No, we do not need military cut backs and military disarmament. No. What we need is military increase, military armament, and the willingness to use that military might on a moments notice.