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Delgado Information Network

To help in answering some questions that I often get I thought it might be use to put up an FAQ section. There will be more as needed but I think this will do for the time being.

1. What is the purpose of your site?

My site is designed for a number of reasons. The primary of those is to voice my opinion of political issues that face us as a nation and across the world. I believe that we live in a world that is bombarded with liberal spin and feel good politics all the while leaving out the truth. I do not believe that this is the right thing to do and I am voicing my opinion in a forum that I see fit to do it.

2. You tend to be harsh on people who take a liberal and/or moderate point of view on many issues. Why is that?

I am harsh in what I say simply for the fact that I believe that liberals and moderates are wrong. They are entitled to believe as they wish but I am also entitled to prove them wrong and to get them to see the light of truth and the flaws in their line of thinking.

I find that liberals deal with issues based on feelings and emotions and that clouds judgement. Furthermore, they are running on the same platform of social issues they have been for the past 30 or 40 years and still advocating tossing out more money to these issues. This is wrong and I feel the need to point it out as such.

I find moderates to be even worse because for the most part they cannot think for themselves. These are the people who's opinions change with the winds of power. They vote, think, and go along with the majority opinion without ever thinking about the issues for themselves. In many ways I feel they are worse then liberals and should be exposed as such.

3. Isn't what you say and how you say it hate speech?

No. Not be a long shot. While I do come off harsh, blunt, and to the point what I say is not hate speech. I am very tolerate of others with other points of view. In fact I would say that I and other like myself are more tolerate of others then they are with us. This is been the way of things for years. Liberals state something and are lauded as being tolerant but when a conservative tells another point of view they are slandered as preaching hate. That is simply not the case.

4. How can you be a Conservative or a Republican being that you are a Hispanic?

That is easy. I grew up and learned that I cannot depend on the federal government for everything. I have learned that we have to take care of ourselves and that having a big government who takes care of things for us only encourages dependence. I learned that I can do a great many things on my own merit and did not need anyone to "feel sorry" for me because I was born a minority. I learned that capitalism is good. The free market helps everyone make money from the top to the bottom. I learned that throwing money after issues is not always the correct way of doing things.

When I was in my early 20's I did not believe this though. I was very much a liberal Democrat. I thought that people like Bill Cliton were the answers to all of our problems and social ills. But then I really started to grow up and make money of my own. I saw how much I was being taxed and that bothered me.

Then when this whole business between Clinton and Monica broke out I wanted to believe what he had to say. I tried and make excuses for him. Then I learned he lied right to not only myself but to everyone here in American. I started to think. And as I thought I looked in to more of what Clinton, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, and moderates were all about. In other words, I began to think for myself.

5. What is your education level?

To put it simply, I am just an average guy. Meaning I am no different then you or the next person. I feel that I am entitled to voice these opinions in an educated manner as you are. But if you need to see what I have done then so be it. However, most of my education is not for your traditional schools.

  • 91-92 : Marquette University
  • 92-95 : United States Marine Corps (An education of a lifetime!)
  • 98-01 : University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  • 01-Present : Guam Community College
  • 99-Present : The Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies
  • 73-Present : The School of Hard Knocks (A lifetime of school requiring tenacity, strength of character, honor, committment, and a willingness to get knocked down on your back and get up again.)
  • 6. What are your stances on issues facing the United States of America?

    I could do into that here but that would take a long time. So to fix that just click on the "Issues" button on the left side and that will explain some of it for you.

    7. Are you a religious nut or part of the "Religious Right"?

    I am neither. I think there is a God, yes. But as to how it is defined I have no idea and I do not think anyone else here does either. Quote the Bible all you want but I still hold the contention that God is so vast that there is no way that anyone here on this planet could understand the scope of God much less understand what God says.

    That being said I think the Bible is a good thing. It helps many people live good lives (and some bad), the morals and stories in it are good to live by and I believe in the 10 Commandents. This does not make me a religious nut or fanatic.