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Role Playing Game Character Bios

This is going to be old news for most but for those looking through here or just what to know what I like to do when I get a chance with any down time I may have, I like to do a little Role Playing on-line. The RPG is based on the Marvel Universe. You know, Spiderman, X-Men, Captain American. Those guys.

Well I started playing at what was known as the Mansion on WBS about 3 years back. (Wow, how time flies) I was bad at first. I mean I sucked as a role player. But eventually I got with it and got my first break playing as the Dark Breast. From there I took on a few other roles of established Marvel characters. I reach the height of my RP goals when I got to play Magneto. As far as bad guys go, it doesn't get any better then that.

Well, that got old after a bit. You follow the story lines of the comics with little creative freedom to control you characters movements in the world without it clashing against the comic timeline. So I started making original characters. What a bomb!

My first set of original characters were just bad. They lacked substance and it was hard to get them involved in much because they were... pathetic. But then I started on to something. I created Del Perez. Black Ops type of guy, blah-blah-blah. Well, he worked out for a bit until I decided to shelf him for a while. That was the end of that.

Fast forward now a few months, Pukah approaches me with an idea. A school for mutants and humans to learn together. Something like the X-Men but with a couple of twists. First the school was public, no hiding here. Second it had to be funded by a major person or company. Being that this was an original story line I had something that was right up her ally with the creation of Richard Arcadia. This story line went on to be one of the longest running original storylines. It also give met he chance to work on other characters with in this story such as Overkill and one more then shall remain nameless just because I have not decieded on one yet.

Well that is my little role play background story. Right below here there are links to the profiles of my characters. Check them out, let me know what you think and stay on the look out as I plan on doing some fiction/sci-fi writing which I will put up here.

List of Characters

Richard Arcadia
CEO & Founder of Arcadia Enterprises

The Homocidal Cyborg from Hell

Head of the Entourage and Personal Assisant and Bodyguard to Richard Arcadia