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Classified information: Bio: Richard Arcadia

Richard Arcadia
Did you even wonder what happen to that one kid in high school. You know, the one that seemed to have it all. The one that had the looks, the grades, the athletics. He could seemingly do no wrong even when you were dead sure he was. Well wonder no longer. This is the story of Richard Arcadia.

Richard Douglas Arcadia was born in Zion, IL December 01, 1949 to your average middle class family. His family relocated to New York city when he was at the age of 12 where his father took on an executice position with a major power brokerage company. It was here that Richard Arcadia found his calling. Volunteering to work with his father on the most minor of tasks so that he might be able to learn from him and others like him. Finally at the age of 15, Arcadia was granted a part time position with the company working in the filing and records department.

His childhood was an extraordinary one. He was gifted in acadmenics, sports and student government. Having grown up a very strong young man, Arcadia became a very sought after football guard in his junior and senior years of college. His grades were enough to ensure him admittance in to almost any school but his sports was just icing on the cake.

Arcadia was admitted in to Havard University at the age of 17 where he took the time to learn everything he could about politics, sociology, law, government and business. At the age of 20, Arcadia graduated top of his class double majoring in Business and Politics with minors in Sociology and Criminal Justice. He then went on to graduate from Havard's School of Law by the age of 23. All of this with out the aid or knowledge of his latent mutant abilities.

Arcadia had always been a very amicable person. People flocked to him because of his personality, knowledge and the fact that good things seem to happen when they were around him. Arcadia took advantage of this in an almost Machiavellian way. In his first just to climb its corporate ladder to the be a full partner in a respected law firm in New York by the age of 30.

Arcadia had no interst in the mutant population of the world. He did not like them nor did he not care for them. To him they were just another person on the street just like he was. Then one even on his way to his vehicle, Arcadia was assulted by two mutant thugs. The first one had superior strength and the second just a very tough mutant that Arcadia would have had no chance against. They both grabbed him from behind triggering this latent mutant abilities to duplicate they powers. Arcadia was shocked at first as the duo tossed him around but felt nothing like he knew he should. He was hurting but no where what he should have been. As the duo closed in, Arcadia began to realize what was happening with himself. He was a mutant with the ability to duplicate other mutant powers. And even better he knew how to use them. Having been trained in Martial Arts and Boxing in his yound years and still maintaining his workouts, Arcadia was abile to subdue the duo and escape before authorities could arrive.

Arcadia knew that if anyone where to find out that he would be blacklisted from any type of good job and a future. The next day, Arcadia turned in his resignation.

Over the course of the next three years, Arcadia lived off of his stock portfolio and networked himself day and night to get investors and employees to join him in what he said would be the "grandest company the world has ever known." Arcadia's long hours and sacrifce paid off in aces when in 1980 Arcadia Enterprises was founded in New York City.

Over the next few years, Arcadia lead his company in to some very lucrative and powerful contracts with other major corporations and goverments around the world. The he was approach by agents from the National Security Agency for contract work on weaponry for their branch. Immediately, this was undertaken and Arcadia's view of the world began to chance for the corporate picture to a global one. The goals change from simply dominating the corporate world to dominating the world through major corporations.

Having been fortunate enough to foresee the economic boom of the 1990's, Arcadia realized that the common man was starting to shy away from the government as they knew nad head in the the arms of corporate American where opportunity was bright for everyone. But his visions also included using the current system of government along iwth his new found agenda.

In 1990, Arcadia relocated his world headquarters of Arcadia Enterprises to Chicago, IL. The logic here is that with the newer goals of AE, it would make more sense to appear out of the loop. Being a very public and affluent businessman, Arcadia was becoming well know in political circles. Never declaring himself to any one political party but supporting candidates nonetheless. And always playing both sides for the best interest of Arcadia Enterprises.

In 1995, Arcadia was approached again by top officals of the National Security Agency regarding some tests that one of Arcadia Enterprises subsidiery companies, Bio-Gift Medicinal Company, was working. Perpared for anything, Arcadia had thought the government was there to shut their satilite company down. For one of the few times in his adult life, he was wrong. This began the begining of a very close knit relationship between the NSA and Arcadia Enterprises. Almost nothing is know regarding the contracts between these two parties other then the fact that everything is extremely hush.

Over the course of the next few years, Arcadia would push publicly for equal right for humans and mutants in the work place. Being the first successful company in the world to publicly hire mutants along with humans. Arcadia's logic was that by pushing out the mutant population, one also pushes out their talents from the free market and in doing so pushes out valuable revenue out the door.

In 1998, Arcadia met with a group of "outcast" mutants from a covert group known as Overpower and hired them on as his lead staff for what would once again be a first for the world. The Arcadia Institute of Higher Education. A school committed to bring both mutants and humans together in a learning evironment. Not by force but by the universal truths of academics, sports, and teamwork. Arcadia recieved much critizism for this but was surprisingly backed by the US Department of Education, Teachers Unions, and even the President of the United States.

In public, Arcadia is the philantropist. A modern-day Robin Hood. His doors are open to all, his company pays far better then average, he gives without second thought. Behind closed doors, Arcadia is not a man to be taken lightly. Rumored to have his hands red with the blood of his enemies, hired mercs, and ties with Black Ops government groups. To his credit, the public knows nothing of the later which is a testimont to the tenacity and genious of Richard Arcadia.