February 19, 1984 ~ March 10, 2003
I had a feeling that Eliela is a "once in a lifetime" mare, one of the best horses we have ever been able to breed to. Eliela is one of the breed's all time great mares!

*2003 Mare Of The Year
*2002 Horse of The Year
*ED ~ Established Dam
*SD ~ Superior Dam
*SCH ~ State Champion

* Born February 19, 1984
*Passed Away March 10, 2002
*15.5 hh 19 year old
* Total Points: 318

Moonlight Love , Burning Love, Silent Heartbreak, Eliela's Spirit

Grand Foals: Burning Appearance

At 5 am on March 10, 2003, Eliela went into labour. She was nighteen years young when she passed away. Eliela's foal arrived pre-mature and by c-section. Unfortunetly all attempts to save Eliela were in vain. She started bleeding and I was unable to save her.

We named this precious foal that Eliela gave her life for Eliela's Spirit. The reason for this was that Eliela was never given the chance for the show ring until she was 16 years of age when she was purchased by Masterpiece Arabians from Asmo for only a couple thousand dollars.
In the short time Masterpiece Arabians owned this mare Eliela became well respected throughout HV and was voted Horse of the Year 2002. At Eliela's age most horses would have retired but Eliela had a spark in her spirit.
Eliela had a unique coloration that made her extremely flashy and appealed to the eye. Eliela was a Purebred exotic Arabian Mare with great legs and a gorgeous hinge on her neck neck.

If Eliela were really ugly (she's not but we'll pretend). IF Eliela was really ugly I'd have breed to her just for the attitude. She had one of the most spirited, gentle attitude I've ever worked with.
Eliela had more bounce and spunk than some of our fillies and that energy is often catchy. Eliela was a great horse and anyone that had spent time with her before she passed on will agree. We have found out she passed on her outstanding confermation, beauty, and her spark for life to her offspring. Her fist foal is one of Masterpiece Arabians most prized foals. Eliela was bred with Everyone Falls In Love, Masterpiece Arabians star stallion.
The results is a spectacular, breathtaking colt Silent Heartbreak Having seen such a beautiful and talented offspring from this cross, we decided to breed Eliela to Everyone Falls In Love again. The results were a spectacular pair of twins!Burning Love and Monlight Love.
Eliela's bloodlines will be sought after for the superbly balanced conformation and exciting action of the offspring.
Eliela has blessed us with Silent Heartbreak, Burning Love, Moonlight Love and now Eliela's Dream Life. The now are the sole survivors to this once in a lifetime talented loving mare's bloodline. I have high hopes resting on these foals.
Eliela's bloodline is now into the third generation. Witht the birth of a grand filly named Burning Appearance!

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