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Jeanne's Photo Album

Aloha and Welcome to
my Online Photo Album.

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The music you hear playing is "Quiet Village"
and is dedicated to Martin Denny & his wonderful
wife, June, whom are my Hanai family
I obtained this midi at Ted Keener's Hand Carved Midis

A sad update...On August 13, 2001, my best
friend for many years, June Denny passed away
in her sleep. June was buried at sea in a beautiful
Hawaiian ceremony. Although I will sadly miss my
friend, I know I will have yet another angel
watching over me from heaven above. Till we meet
again June...Aloha from your friend, Jeanne.

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My Family of Origin

On the Right are
my Mom & Dad
Juliette & Bob Flett
on 02/26/33.


whole family from

left to right

from back row:

Dad, Mom, Carolyn

Jeanne, Tom, Julie, Stephen

and Mary...

Jeanne & Carolyn

with their

Easter Baskets

Pictures of my Mother

On the Right
is a picture of
my Mother Juliette Flett.
She also suffered with AD.

Todd Greg Shaw


Gramma Flett...

My Brothers

and Sisters

at my Mother's Funeral

Some Good Looking Guys

On the Right
is a picture of
me and my son Keola Lee.
Can you tell I'm proud???




Melinda and Anthony...

Annabel Amora...


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