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Jeanne's Journal 2001

Jeanne L. Lee in Hawaii
Author of
Just Love Me
My Life Turned Upsidedown
By Alzheimer's
Honolulu, Hawaii


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Welcome to Jeanne's Journal 2001
It's so quiet and relaxing under the sea!

This is my special place to leave my daily thoughts and remembrances
and maybe just a few "pearls of wisdom"
treasuries I leave for you...

And although we all occassionally find
our ships tossed about on the rough seas of life...

I hope that you can leave my sanctuary
feeling positive and refreshed after your visit.

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December 31, 2001

Happy New Year's Eve, Friends.
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~~~ALOHA from Jeanne in Hawaii~~~

December 21, 2001

well here it is again christmas in the past another year. although i had a great time with traci, chris, ally and rian it is the hardest year i have had in my life and the very hardest three months. i am confused, short tempered,things are too fast or too noisy, life is too hard. i need meetings with my dasn members very often and i look so forward to one being able to see some of the people. last doctors report was not good. as if i did not know i have gone down hill more this time than the last few. back to my kids...their home is so nice and very homey. they had christmas decorations and spirit. presents were enough for 5 families. a far cry from my kids first christmas in hawaii when i wrapped soda cans and oreo cookies in the sunday comics, and it was a wonderful christmas...aloha my friends

December 20, 2001

tomorrow i will be on the plane to see traci and chris ally, rian, and greg todd. i have not seen these grandkids and chris for almost two years. much too long.

i have to get up at 4:00 to get through all the hubbub at the airport for an 8:30 flight. it will be a surprise for the girls. i will wake them on sat am. can't wait. wish i was seeing all of them.

my news years resolution is to redo the journal of my children on the web that got erased by another of my mistakes. takes them from birth till now.. I CAN DO IT!

my report from the doctor was not good but i felt really off more than usual for 3/4 months now. seeing the kids will make me smile and forget

mele kalikimaka to you all...aloha again, jeanne

December 12, 2001

i think if i tried to tell you the stress i have had with computers new and old, i would have to restress and i cannot relive the 24 2sided 81/2x11 journal and complaints to compusa. so let us hop to the good stuff. now this is going to be a little harder.

good #1 - i am going to see my daughter's family and one son will join me. it has to be arizona as i cannot deal with oregon, wash, or utah since my bout with pneumonia. illness has lingered for over a month. back to the good stuff.

good #2 - my book of over three years is at the publishers just awaiting a contract we both like.

i will try to keep up with my journal a little better. i do know it is very easy to loose it completely and that is a stressful situation.

been having a little hard time. vern wants so badly to make me better or at least the same. he lectures me on better ways to do each thing and they all are things i have lost or rarely see. life goes on? aloha

Nov 11-17, 2001

gosh i do not know how much i have already said, but in short i have pneumonia not TB. i am doing pretty well mostly because vern is running watch on me. he times my computer time and keeps me in bed.

today i am trying to be up a little but have not told him that my work schedule is starting tomorrow with a 3hr job, then wed 5 hours, then taking thanksgiving off to get ready for two more work days.

traci is going to have a long awaited surgery. she has been having headaches for so long i cannot remember when they started. the surgery will be for sinus something on th 28th. wish i was closer but then i do not know how much help i am and how much trouble. hope to get there at least by jan15. xmas is so expensive. also i have lost so much work.

back to bed. having an illness seems to be very exagurated by alzh. and make the fight harder and the days harder to know what is happening. i do get to chat about 3x a week. everyone there cares so much. oh my gosh, i almost forgot to say that i have been hearing from people and places wanting to order my book. today was a great one from australia, wanting one a copy of my book for their library on alzheimers. wow sometimes i wonder ME? thank GOD it is me!

Nov 10, 2001

only no news could be good news. talked to my daughter and son today. i feel so happy to talk to them. i know they are all busy but just a word from any of them lifts my spirits for probably the 5th time i have lost time at work .old german stock

Nov 4 - 8, 2001

not feeling up to par. monday i learned i have gone down in ad which i already knew. on tuesday they found a lump in my breast...cyst? and yesterday the dr diagnosed me with pneumonia but where it was in the lungs, it could be TB. aloha

October 26 - Nov 3, 2001

oh my where does the time go? i have been ever so busy. really other than working 6 days this week and with two jobs on two of those days, everything else seems to be washed away.

we had a memorial rememberance for paka moore. seems like only weeks ago he was playing with my kids. as usual i have too much on my plate. trying to deal with the book, my web, my work, my friends and family, my house and moving plans. and a few incidentals like trying to keeping up with two x's a day chat, which i do not make very often, and a ton of emails.

every inch i walk in this little place shows me something i need to do . im looking for a spot to get away from it all. when i go to the beach and try to read i become overwhelmed with running thoughts and no where to write them .

i have two pages of things to do and instead of crossing them off, i cross one off, and add three on it. oh to be as organized as i once was.

wish my daughter was closer as she is the way i was and could make things easier. guess ill go stare at my list and see if i can do a couple today.

i cannot get into chat as i deleted it from my favorites and i do not know how to find it because my mind is too full.

guess ill look for a tv program to take me away.

Hello Jlee, this is Resa leaving you this aloha!!! Thought I'd leave you the URL for the new chat room here...

How would you like another real fast underwater hula dance from your webmistress? I know I dance to fast but I have to get back to the mainland fast...See ya!

October 25, 2001

thought id better come back to let you all know things are much better but not much less confusing. when my webmistress said she put a storm on my last journal entry i thought id better.

went to martin dennys today and he is pretty lonely since we lost june (his wife and my sister so to speak). we had lunch and spoke about the benefit he is doing for arthur lymann next month. arthur has cancer. it will be a great music nite. there is so much kokua (HELP) from music persons here for their fellow musicians.

martin is getting the cupboards painted. so i cleared the cupboards out and will put things back on sat. he is so much like a protective father to me. i worry about him whenever i am not there. anyhow he played a song for me so i am back in the smiles. what talent... not to worry all

October 23, 2001

i think i have had the longest stream of goofs and upsets for the last week or so. i have been lucky enough to get another publisher for my book. one that will help me thru the tough stuff and will not cost a penny, horrrrrahhhh it is from ellen and mark from ageless design. ellen and i have been writing back and forth for some time now. well into the picture steps another ellen from one of the alzheimers web pages. she wanted to know if she could use my web page link on theirs. so now i am emailing her the information for my book. well any how it went on and on till one of them said i must have mixed her up with someone. while this is going on a had an interested party wanting parts of my book and also my printer broke. i signed up for aol 7.0 and lost my favorites which was quite the problem. then aol sent me the instructions to fix that and i could not do it without first printing them. got a phone call that this apartment was being sold and we need to find a new place. my x husband had another stroke and when i went to see him he told me they were moving him to a care facility across the island. where no one can get to very easily. he really needs company for he is very depressed. my room is filled with empty boxes to fill. my purse has been changed so many times i know not where my belongings are. vern told me more than once about not getting stressed over things i just let them build up and then try to handle more than i possibly can. how well i know that but it seems like there are plenty before i can stop it. yesterday i had 16 things on my "to do" list and i closed the computer down and went to the beach and read a book. today i wish i had not done that cuz now there are 25 waiting for me. got to go prioritize things. well other than that i have been just daydreaming about being stressless again.

October 11, 2001

Guess id better do some chatting before too many days pass me by. been down with cold flu and or sore throat. after three weeks of waiting for it to dissapear i made a doctors appt. strep throat was the diagnosis. guess i could have gone on forever waiting and suffering for it to go away.

went to a beautiful monthly breakfast on the beach. the main street boarding waikiki beach is shut down and the green grass rolled out for three or four blocks. Tables and umbrellas and even cloth tablecloths stretch the full area. many hotels do their thing with the food and we eat eat eat. it was especially beautiful this month as all was done in red white and blue with flags on each table. thank goodness for early arrival (and you know i have no problem with this) as we had seats near the stage with umbrellas. entertainment and food was wonderful and very patriotic. hope the usa never looses this allegiance we feel. got to go load up on the bag of meds i have to take

A Vacation in a Tahitiian Paradise

The vacation was totally amazing! I arrived at the HNL airport about 6 hours early. I have always been overly punctual. Alzheimers has exaggerated it and the USA situation has blown it out of control. I felt as tho, for the first time I was in a war zone. The armed National Guard, Police and security patrolled the airport.

We were to meet at 2:00 at the gate. I panicked because they were not checking the Tahiti flight in until 2:30. I was very happy to see some familiar faces. Decided I liked the company when we made the stop at the main bar.

It was September 15, 2001 and we boarded flt. 481. We arrived in Papeete, Tahiti. The runway needed a net like the ships but we made it. I thought this airport was small.

We were met by Tahiti Nui Travel and transferred to Hotel Royal Tahitian. (My doctor and the health board had me quite scared as a high fever and seizure like temperature was possible more than a person with dementia could handle. Only after I arrived home to the news that 100 people on Maui and three on Oahu were infected did I begin to think about it.)

Back to the wonderful arrival...

Well pretty wonderful till Jan and I were picked to have three in a room. Crowded and disrupted the peaceful mode a little. Think we had dinner and breakfast there. Jeannie led us to the market and wow was the word and feeling. More fresh fruit and fish than all of china town and Ala Moana market put together. The flowers were pretty much the same but the arrangements were quite different.

I had a couple of fruits I had never tasted. Hope someone can fill this in. One was purple and round and was star like if cut in half. The other was like a bajjong.

We walked thru and thru buying a few supplies for the boat and a few treasures. I bought a haku that lasted four days and two with fresh flowers inserted. Our hotel was like the Bali Hai movie. Some on stilts on the water and some off the water but the same style. Some walked to town and some caught a ride. Some of us had a great view if the industrial area. It was oh so hot. The humidity is much higher than Hawaii. I think we were in a hotel another night before going to the stardust.

The next I remember we were on the way to the airport to Raiatea. The airport and plane got smaller. The next morning we were picked up by employees of the stardust. As we drove up to the stardust area we were greeted with plumeria leis and juice. (on the return we found the hinano.) We got a briefing and snorkel equipment and loaded our things and unloaded our bags.

It wasn't long before we were each on our assigned boats and met our captains. The reef lagoons were unbelievable. The colors on the post cards were no exaggeration. In fact some could not even be captured. I think the next stop was snorkeling.

I was all anxious to snorkel as I had done for years off Lani with Gordie. Much to my surprise and others I'm sure I panicked. The fear of having mouth and nose covered at the same time was overwhelming. Even the fins scare me. The rest of the group went off for a wonderful adventure. Eric took me back to the boat. I enjoyed swimming in the shade of the hulls. I looked thru a mask and saw a few fish. The group arrived home and shared with me the shells and explained the beauty. It was a beautiful day. We ate, played cards or read and went to bed.

The vocabulary (OH MY GOD DID I FORGET TO SAY WE HAD A FEW HINANO AND TIPPED THE WINE GLASSES A FEW TIMES) began to grow word by word. BonJour, Manuya. We had drinks at the Hotel Bora Bora and ate at Bloody Mary's. The food was on display and they explained it all. The bar and bathrooms were very unique. The mens even had a pull chain that would have excited both men and women. The matre d was from north shore Oahu and the shirt salesman was from Hawaii also. We must have made a profitable day for them.

I ate with Glen and we shared a bottle of wine to make it even he said order another. To my surprise he picked up the full bill, plus paid for my T-shirt. He was a great friend till he jumped ship.

Sleep and off to the seas. Passed Jack Nicklesons x house. It rained so hard in vertical sheets we could not see off the boat. Pulled into a very rainy spot so moved on to bay Hurebuti.

At Tahaa spent a few hours on the other boat. Everyone was very nice.

Now we are anchored in front of the Hotel Hibiscus? Oh my God. So cute from here. The lush green of all the islands covers every green color in the spectrum. This is the pearl place.

We all loaded into the dinghy. I think Eric was not too happy with the way the boat was split. (I'm sure he was ok with it after we tipped him.)It about half way to motor, we were out of gas. This was a very good place to have a local captain especially with no paddle. Eric spotted a friend who came to the rescue and towed us in.

Was it the day before or the day after we lost the kayak before lots of us tried it? Why the insurance did not pay is beyond me but we had to put out $500 for it. This expense at the end of the trip, when the money was very low. When I got home, I only had $45 and so much change. Darn...I could have gone superetting with the queens.

This really is not a document but a fun story all kapakahi.

What a beautiful language. Had such a hard time understanding the little kids that followed me to the hotel hibiscus and waited for me. I have never been where I could not understand. Even in Mexico I knew a little Spanish. To my Japanese grandmother I could speak a little Japanese.

From to Tahaa the sail line broke and the sound was so loud. We were in 8-12 foot seas. My kind of sailing. Jan also enjoyed it. I had to come off the bow. So I decided eating was the next best thing. There were lots of quiet or green people. They had to cancel the crossing to Huahini.

Next sentence is had a nice long walk??????? Jan , Toni and myself decided to get healthy and made a very good vegetable stir fry.

Hotel Bora Bora was very pretty and charged toms computer or attempted to do so. One bar was overlooking the beach and the other one was on the beach. So much that they had cocktail tables in the sand. Got a chance to leave key chains and macs. Not leaving tips made me rich but feeling bad.

Next I remember the cutest little motu with shark, honu and rays. Wonder what that film will show...two pictures shot and the film rewound...the hotel hibiscus and I think I have already mentioned it!

The food wad good and the owner was a crook. On with the entertainment. 5 guys in the band each with a hinano on hand. One of them did not set it down while playing. The music got louder and two beautiful girls danced. One happy and one wanted to be somewhere else.