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To 2004 Journal Entries

February 1, 2004

MeleKalikimaka, Merry Christmas in the style and spirit of Jeanne L. Lee. Now that the crowds have diminished, the sales are going and Vern has bailed me out of my financial disaster it is time to thank all of you. I must say would like to do this yearly and may just do that. You know you can get away with stuff like this when you have AD.

Another year and a month have passed and I do not remember where it went. Absolutely not but do not think this is just a Jeanne thing. I will use my date book to try and trace backwards. Well, that did not work to well as I had not much written but family and friends birthdays. So I will fake it.

Got to see everyone but Todd this year but he and his boss and good friend are coming in March. So looking forward to this because it has been over two years since I hugged that boy and I have never met Tamra although I feel as though I know her.

I was blessed to make a trip for book tour and lectures. I feel the results were successful. Without my family especially Carolyn and my friends along the way I could not have made it. Mary and Julie helped me before it began, Carolyn before and during. My friend Linda from Sacramento was so much help and so warm to Carolyn and I. Carolyn and I travel quite well together just as in Barcelona. I could surely not have done it without she and the rest. Hope not to miss anyone. The Brothers helped in several ways. The kids were all so supportive and we had some great times together, Lynn, Elaine and Alan were the best in Canada. My Antie Jan and her family were so helpful and antie Jan and I had a lot of time just enjoying each other. It gives me chicken skin to retake this trip in words. Got to see some of the StJohns girls and St. Mary's too. Claire met me on the train and she and I had a wonderful time and then Allen joined us in San Francisco where my new friend Elaine showed us the town and took me to a beautiful and educational reception. I still love San Francisco. Got to see Mom and Dads wedding church again. Claire found me a cross in front of it. So now it is by their picture. The Moore girlsIpo, Lehua and Kamae could not have been nicer. Putting lots of miles on Kamaes van and lots of hours in Ipo's home. Great girls and kids. Got to meet Lehua's grownup kids. The rest of her girls and she and Bob are great help here.

It was also nice to know The DASNI people were cheering me on. My website has a bit more about the trip. Thanks to Resa my webmistress.

The name Jeanne L. Lee is finally getting known here in the Islands as a person for Alzheimer's Awareness (Information.) The name of our new company. Vern does all of the paper work and Alan is the best publicist and friend one could have. He carts me from lecture to lecture and even sets up appointments. I get called to give lectures at places like nursing homes, hospitals, Rotary, Kiwanis, Elks, women's clubs churches, somany to mention. I even have a book group choosing my book to read and invited me to join them for the round table. Mapuana and Joley provide the transportation and help for getting the girls Kiana and Asby to dance "Flying With Angels " before my lecture. The people love them. The song written for an Alzheimer's person, was choreographed for the hula by their antie Kamae.

I have trained some nursing staffs to understand a bit about their AD or dementia patients. I love what I am doing so doing much. It take lots out of me to do it but I know that is working my brain and keeping the down hill path a little slower. My doctor calls me her miracle child but there are so many just like me. We just need to get some advertisement showing AD is not only an elderly disease. Awareness is the only thing that will keep AD and other dementia's from becoming epidemics. OK got my plug in !!!!

All my grand children are growing so big and responsible. Their parents are doing the right things. All a learning process to make your children's lives just a bit better than yours. I surely miss seeing my big Stevie grow but I know Todd and I will see him one day. It is a same the parents cannot love the children more than they hate the spouse when a divorce happens.

The year was full of birthdays too many to mention but soon the kids will have to give me a two week notice e-mail to get their gift. Speaking of computers, I thank God for IM-ing. I almost feel like I can see them when I talk to grandkids and kids. I kept all the happy birthday songs on my cell phone to rehear them.

I cleaned houses from 4-7 a week and took care of Martin this month and his home and Tita the dog, when he and his daughter took a trip to Barcelona. My time with him is so enjoyable.

Guess the rest is forgotten and that is OK cuz it makes room for the new stuff I need to keep. Aloha for all the love and support from all of you, Namely Vern. He has developed more patience than I knew possible, he reads and watches TV for any new information, and is beginning to know the names of my chat group people. He helps me with my money and is just the best person in my life.

April had a big party for Martin Denny at La Marianna were he was nice enough to get me at the important people table. He also included me in the family area for his Hugh Recognition at the Hawaii Theater. I had been so close to June his wife and helped him care for her in her last months. Martin and June have always made me feel like family. I still work with he and Christina his daughter.

My intellectual deterioration is obvious but am working very hard on it. My lectures take so much out of me they must be really working on keeping my brain cells active and not dying. My group has started a neuroplasticity as a way of relearning some things. Think we will put doctors to shame one day or at least wake them. Book was published finally and moving well. I was invited to talk about my book and life on TV News.

Monthly we have great time at the Tea Dance at Elks. My feet do not do what they use to but I pretend and love the music and looking at the ocean. Listening to such greats as, Art Todd, Martin Denny, Del Courtney, Sherri Lynn, Jimmy Borges and some other greats as Gabe Baltazar and so many I cannot remember.

Tim and Denise and family are still planning their new home and carting kids right and left even with two extra drivers licenses. Their oldest Jen will graduate from High school this year. Between working, raising a family they keep busy with their four.

Todd and his boss are spending lots of time here in Hawaii in march and I am so very excited I think I will be at the air port week early. I have not met his boss yet but I love her already. I also have a friend Linda coming this year. What a busy year Use to think someone monthly was not much. Love visitors still.

Traci is going to medical assistant school and she and the girls are living with a great loving family. I count my blessings for them as does Traci. They have moved from Arizona and I will not miss the heat of my visits there.

Tedd and Melinda are in Washington also just up the river and on the river. They have three grandchildren in this house now and forever I think. Tedd is hard at work for the family details and was with one of his moms, Rita, full time while she was leaving this earth for a better place. Now he has taken on her job and his. God bless him with his Hawaiian heart and hope a bit of mine.

Traci Tedd and Tim are all in Washington Todd in Utah and thank the lord he left one with me. Keola is with a wonderful girlfriend Ci Ci. They have their own place and both work close to home. He is there for me so often. As are all the kids but from a distance. Thank God for emails and cell phones.

My DASN family has been so very much support again this year. My new business Alzheimer's Awareness enables me to one day get back a bit of my travel and hand out material money. I am becoming better known on the Island than the AD Assoc. for lectures.

Thanks to family and friends for the loyal support this year. I would not be where I am without it and don't ever forget this. Love with all the aloha we can send Jeanne and Vern

December 1, 2003

If I did not have my wonderful webmaster (her site here on my site) I could not accomplish what I am doing. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Resa. If you are wanting a website contact her she is reasonable and excellent at what she does. Thanks for the plug, Jlee!!!

Mele Kalikimake 2003(That means Merry Christmas 2003 in Hawaiian) from Jeanne and Vern...

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